In Kiev caught serial killer puppies

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In Kiev, law enforcement officers arrested 19-year old boy who killed homeless animals. Policemen were able to calculate the knacker, who on several sites to post pictures of dogs brutally killed.

As described in the Department of Public Affairs Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev, calculated murderer officers of the fight against cybercrime. The arrested 19-year-old is a student from Kiev tehuchilischa. His actions, he explained the "solution to the problem of stray dogs."

According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine", he lamented that, when was walking his dog, stray animals behave aggressively. Skinner decided to take revenge mongrel. He mocked them before the camera, and videos and photo spread in a social network. According to some sources, had killed about a hundred dogs
Student strangled animals, and then butchered corpses knife. According to him, he chose only the most aggressive dogs, but made a video and photos show that even with a short work Flayer defenseless puppies.

The apartment found a guy drive that records were suffering. Doghantera parents and friends were unaware of his atrocities. Currently, addressed the issue of a criminal case under article "Cruelty to animals."

Relatives and friends maniac claim they knew nothing about his hobby. All claim that the guy was very kind, sociable and studious, special atrocities never for him not to notice. "My mother and grandmother, with whom the young man lived, were shocked by the whole incident," — told the Kyiv MIA.

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