In Kiev recorded radiation levels exceeding the limit of 200

Employees incinerator "Energy" in Kiev recorded elevated levels of radiation in one of their garbage at passage controls. The press-service of "Kyivenergo", which includes the company.

"October 3 at the incinerator" Energy "equipment worked" Kordon ", which checks the garbage on the contamination, — said in a statement. — The radiation level was 53.8 micro-roentgen per hour instead of the maximum allowable 30 micro-roentgen per hour. "

Garbage truck with a radiation waste was transported to a special parking lot, and on October 4 commission of experts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and sanitation services has identified a direct source of radiation, the radiation background is 200 times higher than normal, and was 6000 micro-roentgen per hour.

Garbage was disposed of properly in the enterprise "Radon".
Note that at the site "Dalnyckiy career" in Odessa for the past three years these cases were not.

This told the chief specialist of the Environmental Protection Company "Soyuz" Faina Pavlyuchenko.

"To determine the radioactivity of waste to the landfill exporting LLC" Union "used instrument radiometer-dosimeter of gamma and beta radiation. We test each machine that is importing waste. First, we measure the background levels at a distance of about 200 meters from the landfill, and then go metering machines, "- said the expert.

According Faina Pavlyuchenko, data obtained from these surveys are recorded without fail.

"If elevated radioactivity is still on hold, in these cases is caused by special commission, and, naturally, this waste to landfills not miss. Such cases have not been, "- she added.

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