In Murmansk deserters arrested

Law enforcement officers detained a citizen of the Murmansk region of Belarus Alexander Trubnikova that dezertyravav of the military unit in the Minsk region at the end of May this year.

Now, as reportedand the press-service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Murmansk region, the question of his extradition to the Belarusian authorities, RIA-Novosti reported.

In January 2009TRUBNIKOV and was called up for military service Military Commissariat of the guerrilla zones Minsk. He served as a gunner in one of the units of the Minsk district.

In late May, 2010, while in the daily meeting to dining, Trubnikov willfully left the territory of, and disappeared. Given the evidence, the law enforcement agencies of Belarus initiated criminal case, War declared wanted.

After the arrest of deserters from the Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus to the Prosecutor General of Russia has received an application for a soldier to Belarusian law enforcement authorities to bring him to justice for the shoots.

Now TRUBNIKOV is in custody in the detention center in Murmansk.

The prosecutor's office of the Murmansk region sent to the General Prosecutor Russian materials ekstradytsyynay check with the conclusion that Trubnikova may give law enforcement agencies of Belarus.

The Belarusian military prosecutor's office has not yet received the official documents that in Murmansk detained Belarusian deserters.

"So far we do not have official documents that in Murmansk arrested a citizen of Belarus, who is charged with absence without leave," — said the agency "Interfax" the Belarusian military prosecutor's office.

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