In NASA declassified unique discovery Curiosity


The rover found on Mars organic molecules. The head of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Charles Elachi declassified "epoch-making discovery" of the rover Curiosity, which experts agency announced a few days ago. According to him, the unit found on the Red Planet organic molecules — and not the "little green men", as some have assumed safely.


"Perhaps, Curiosity on Mars discovered the simple organic molecules. While these are preliminary data that has to be verified," — Elachi said at a press conference in Rome. Organic, not biological molecules can not reveal the existence of life, and to recognize the biological forms Curiosity can not, was quoted as La Sapienza. In any case, this finding is of great importance, since organic molecules are essential for life.

The scientific world was agog statement supervisor John Grottsingera Mars mission, according to whom, the rover found on Mars is something that "can enter the history books." Grottsinger did not tell her what it was discovered Curiosity, adding that scientists want more time to double-check everything carefully. The final results of the study will be presented to the public on December 3.

Previously, experts have found that Martian soil is very similar in mineral composition of the volcanic soil of the Hawaiian Islands. Analysis of soil and rocks, taken in Gale Crater, pointed out that Mars had liquid water flows.

Curiosity arrived at Mars on August 6. The purpose of the rover, which is a stand-alone chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet, and the study of its geological history. It is expected that the unit will operate on the surface of the red planet for at least one Martian year (nearly two Earth years). The rover has already helped a number of important discoveries, send widescreen images of the Red Planet Mars, and even do a "check-in".

Kirill Rozhkov

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