In Nizhny Novgorod subway appeared dead ghosts of the workers?

September 30, 2012 11:50

Photo: Ivan Kirillov

Photo: Ivan Kirillov

For the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2012 was "fruitful" in discussions with otherworldly forces.

On the night of 2 to 3 January in the former passage Blinovskoye Street Christmas video camera recorded the ghost of a young girl in ancient dress. Spring in Gorodetsky district again saw the dead bride on the edge of a country road. And now also the Metro "happy" unexplained phenomena.

 On Monday, the 21-year-old Alex Kalachev with his girlfriend back home on the subway. The clock was half past eleven when the train was approaching the station "Zarechnaya".
— The car was still in the tunnel. Tanya and I got up and went to the door. The train slowed down a bit. We were getting ready to go out, — says Alex. — And suddenly, just before leaving on a platform between the train and the wall we clearly saw blurry white spot, vaguely resembling a human in the construction helmet. It was so unexpected that we even jumped from the door!
In addition to a young couple in the subway were a couple of people. To "Zarechnaya" they do not come out. They saw that scared the children is unknown. Alex and Tanya decided not to ask anything from strangers, you never know — even a half-witted will …
It has long been known that a vacuum no anomalies occur. For every horror story there are always historical facts. It turned out that our case is no exception.
— In March 1981, construction of the station "Moscow" was carried out in complex geological and hydrogeological conditions: flooded soils, the proximity of the three-story building of the central department, — according to the website of the State Archival Service of the Nizhny Novgorod region. — July 13, 1984 in a pit under construction metro station "Moscow" was the destruction of wall mounting. Two soldiers were killed student construction team.
Maybe the ghost of one of these young guys and see Alex and Tatiana? But skeptics say the right: each of paranormal phenomena can be "fetched" pull is any explanation. Therefore, we asked for help to the diggers. Who, if not them — fans walk around the abandoned buildings, dark basements and underground mines — can tell you about the night life of the Nizhny Novgorod subway?

Ivan Kirillov

— The fact that in the eighties there were killed workers say long — shared with us digger veteran Konstantin «Alone». — But I do not see any ghosts. Although countries in the subway, of course, abound. Sometimes, at night down in Metrostroy walk. Workers had already been there. But the sound of hammers and grinding iron sometimes hear ….
Confirm this and metrostroiteli. For obvious reasons, his last name and photograph themselves, they were not allowed. — Working the night shift, we sometimes hear strange sounds different in the tunnel — shared with us fitter Sergey. — And the most interesting thing there, where they come from, no one. But this is no one pays attention.
Metro workers as diggers — skeptics and realists. They reason: perhaps mine elsewhere climbed some tomboy. Or work on the delayed shift. And maybe does sounds nearest metro stations are heard.
— Passing through these long tunnels, the sound can be transformed into anything — summed digger Kostya.
However, this view does not agree Nizhny psychics. The appearance of the ghost in the subway they found one of the first.
— Ghost in the metro just is. I see that in the life of this man was 25 years old, height was 170 cm, — says Nizhegorodskaya clairvoyant Julia Sysorova parapsychologist. — These phantoms are usually "attached" to the place of his death. They appear or when few people are around, or at the very time when the dead. Can not see the ghost of each. Only those who have a little psychic abilities. Phantoms will not cause harm if they are not afraid. Otherwise your negative energy can be reflected from their plasma and get back to you in a more serious scale. Then do not exclude the accident. Why souls of the dead workers began to appear now? A leap in 2012 the transition to other energy. And now the subway actively under construction. Ghosts could disturb …

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