In northeast China flooded mine, 13 people were killed

BEIJING, Oct. 24. As a result of flooding of the mine in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, killing 13 people. According to the agency "Xinhua", in place of emergency rescue operations have been completed. The bodies of dead miners have brought to the surface.

Note that the accident occurred in a coal mine "Tszindi" in Jidong County is October 11. At the time of breaking of ground water in the mine were 24 miners, 11 of them managed to escape to the surface. The remaining 13 miners were trapped underground. The owner of the mine popytalyas conceal the accident. As a result, this led to a delay in search and rescue operations. The owner of the mine is currently in police custody.

Also, sent down three local officials, covering the entrepreneur. Among them, the deputy head of Jidong County.

Recall September 16 in the flooding of the mine in China killed seven people, four more people were reported missing. At the time of the accident were 21 underground miner. Ten people have been able independently to the surface.

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