In northern Italy flooding: there dead, shop windows have disappeared under the water

At least five people died in the Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany because of heavy flooding caused by heavy rains, writes The Telegraph.

Liguria authorities are ready to declare the region a disaster area after tons of water flooded the village. Water flooded the city center Monterosso (Liguria).

On amateur video appeared on the Internet, it is clear that the shop windows have disappeared under water, and fallen trees blocked traffic on the roads.

"There is nothing else — no products, no water, no electricity. People in homes, all flooded. Monterosso no longer exists, "- said Mayor Angelo Betta.

It is also known that the flood destroyed several bridges. Rescuers say they do not have the ability to achieve some of the flooded areas. Residents of coastal towns evacuated by sea.

A similar situation occurred the day before in Ireland. There due to flooding in Dublin authorities declared a state of emergency.

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