In Omsk, have their Ghostbusters

March 30, 2012 18:36

Over the past year, as many as four Omsk raged poltergeist.


Unexplained phenomena occur frequently. Puzzling knocks in the apartment, flying objects, or self-ignition of clothing are a nuisance to those who faces this problem.
In such cases, we can assist in Omsk laboratory for the study of physics of paranormal phenomena. This amateur research association established at the Omsk planetarium back in 1974. Laboratory employees — not ordinary people, among them — physics, physicians, psychologists and even a psychic.

 — Omsk call us if their apartment is something inexplicable and incomprehensible, — the head of the laboratory Andrey Nikiforov. — We come first and interviewing witnesses, and our psychologists talk with landlords to rule lies. If confirmed by the existence of something abnormal, physicists measured the magnetic field and check the anomalous zone border Hartman.
According to the laboratory staff in the last year Omsk apartments visited four poltergeist. One of them — Barabashka in a house on the street Romanenko, who attended a residential apartment in early 2012. The hosts have complained about strange knocking in the wall, which were distributed throughout the apartment during the day and at night. A few days after visiting the house laboratory experts, knocking stopped.
Sam Andrey Nikiforov Omsk poltergeist activity explains the recent solar flares.


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