In Rechitza court acquits activist

Rechitskiy District Court acquitted the director of a private commercial and industrial enterprises, "Alida and K" activist Oleg Shabetnik in the administrative case of violation of safety rules.

This has accused the businessman and activist Rechitskoe Interdistrict Inspectorate of Labour. She even made Mr. Shabetnik 700000th administrative fine.

Told myself Oleg Shabetnik, the court found that the right of inspection forged a variety of paper to make it look that he had not been to the challenges of the inspectors did not give them the necessary documents.

It was also evident that their findings of a violation of safety rules inspection did not even checked the outlets of the entrepreneur.

The pressure on activists and entrepreneurs are found before. But as soon as he joined the campaign "Tell the truth"And headed to the region election headquarters Vladimir Neklyaeva, for audits of traditional regulatory authorities unexpectedly joined the inter-district labor inspection.


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