In Russia, serfdom? In the Chelyabinsk region sold together with the residents of the village

The prosecutor's office of the Chelyabinsk region to give a detailed … serfdom. There trying to find out under what law into private hands sold whole village together with people.

Farmers seek justice, how to call themselves locals tried at district officials and judges, but they were on the side of the "landlord." NTV correspondent has learned Inna Osipova, the new owner has already throws tenants out. Or offers to buy homes that they themselves have built the.

Were sovhoznikami and became serfs, say to yourself villagers Narovchatka. Their once-prosperous farm after bankruptcy sold into private hands. Since trading away land, a boiler house, greenhouses, farms, livestock, machinery and departmental home with tenants.

All with a hammer took 117 souls. The fact that the director of the farm at the time refused to sign an agreement with the workers of social rent, so people could not privatize housing by law.

Once the farm away from the auction to the private sector, the people were left without the right to housing. All movable and immovable property, farms sold for 16 and a half million rubles. One lot under the hammer went state farm buildings and housing, as well as a local museum and a chapel. Her whole world was erected on donations, and now it is private property.

The fact that the village is sold, people know when the new owner Narovchatki, Seyran Varagyan businessman, started to demand free accommodation. Teacher Marina Svetovets after talks with him was in the hospital with a broken arm. In the presence of the owner of the village first camera was confused, but then agreed to tell how hard to live the landlord in. It turns out that the former contain a farm estate expensive, much more profitable to sell.

Understanding the feelings of the people, a business is even ready to meet and invite them to buy their apartments at market value. The market value of this settlement — 850,000. Property Varagyanu got different levels: there are private houses (themselves once they finish building the villagers of bare skeletons), is a hostel, the contents of which are now fully laid on the shoulders of the occupants.

Everyone who was able to leave have already left Narovchatku. In dvukhetazhke have only two families. Local kids for lack of other entertainment often walk through the ruins of a past life.

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