In Sochi, during a storm fallen tree killed a man

One person was killed in Sochi by the fall of the tree on the car during a severe thunderstorm that struck the city on October 14.

As reported earlier by the "Caucasian Knot", because of rain and strong winds in the Adler district of Sochi October 14 podtopilo Pridvorova 20-25 homes and territories. The city was declared an emergency warning for heavy rains.

As a result, gusty winds in the evening on October 14 at the intersection of Don and Pasechnaya huge tree fell on a foreign car. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the car was in a traffic jam. The blow fell on the front of the car.

At the scene of the first to arrive DPS officers who tried to administer first aid to the victim, he was in critical condition.

Came after 8 minutes after the call doctors pronounced him dead driver, the campaign "Vesti.Sochi."

Heavy rain and strong winds have created many critical situations that required the assistance of Ministry of Emergency Situations and rescuers.

In the street of Don trip bus fell into a pit of water, passengers flooded almost to the waist. Sochi residents fearful of a submerged bus pulled Emergency Situations Ministry, reports "Max-portal".

During a thunderstorm, a strong gust of wind tore the roof completely from an apartment building in the street with hand grenades, 10, and knocked her to the inner courtyard.

During the incident in one of the cars was a young family: two adults and a small child. People were not injured, they immediately removed from the rubble in adjacent houses, reports RIA "Novosti".

New Dawn in the street the wind knocked a few trees that blocked the passage cars. Rescuers struggled all night with the consequences of bad weather and assorted debris from trees and billboards, broadcast ""

Earlier MOE for the Krasnodar Territory warned about possible waterlogging of low-lying and coastal areas in Sochi and other cities in the region, washing away bridges, towers, transmission towers, as well as intra-roads due to heavy rain and the rise of the water level in the rivers.

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