In the arrest of Zakayev Russian Poles refused to definitively

Today the Court of Appeal in Warsaw prosecutor's office rejected the complaint on the September decision of the District Court of the Polish capital, which has not agreed to the temporary arrest of Ahmed Zakayev.

The Court of Appeal found that the trial court correctly did not agree to a request prosecutors and denied her arrest Chechen politician. However, despite this, the Court of Appeals finally decided to close the case on the possible arrest Zakayev.

The decision, however, does not concern itself ekstradytsyynaga process it is only that the Chechen politician may be on the loose.

Zakayev's extradition Russians, however, malapravdapadobnaya, as early as September, said the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk:

"I can reassure you that the process of extradition does not mean that it's over extradition. Russian side certainly can not count on is a result that would accept him."

Zakayev to Russia's request was arrested in Poland on September 17, when he came to Warsaw from London to to participate World Congress of the Chechen people, but then released.



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