In the center of Kharkov under asphalt fell KamAZ

Photo ATN.  KAMAZ concrete slab broke and fell through the asphalt.Truck drove up to the place of repair of the road to unload brought asphalt, but do not have time, because, under its own weight sank into the ground.
In the center of the city under the asphalt left KamAZ. The truth is not full, but only two zadnikh wheel.

The driver says, came to unload asphalt, but, apparently, the asphalt does not withstand the rigors of a freight car and failed.

The incident occurred over the weekend at the intersection of Petrovsky and Artem — opposite road Kharkiv University.

Workers, truck driver version confirm they told me that a man tried to drive closer to the site of repair, to unload, but …

— He started to give back, but suddenly stalled. Under the weight of the loaded KamAZ cracked concrete slab on the pavement, exposing underground utilities, and the rear pair of wheels fell through the asphalt — the workers say.

Himself to leave the truck failed to remove it had to call a special crane. After this warm asphalt unloaded, and the pit, which appeared due to the fault of the truck, promised to patch soon.

Olga Kalenichenko

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