In the Dnieper came a giant landslide: buried 28 garages, people are in a panic

In the Dnieper landslide.  Photo:

The incident occurred this morning.
Today, about seven in the morning in one of the central districts of Dnepropetrovsk landslide. As we learned at the scene, incident occurred at 6:40 on the street. Voitsekhovich (Kirov region) close to the tram depot number 3. Suffered is in Rybalskaya beam garage cooperative. As a result of sliding soil from nearby slopes, under tons of earth were buried 28 garages, some of which at the time of the collapse of the used car. According to preliminary data, there is no loss of life.

Once arrived in the scene guide EMERCOM in Dnipropetrovsk region and the mayor Ivan Kulichenko. Currently, the traffic police cordoned off the crash site to a nearby area. For Barrier Tapes allow only hosts covered with soil garages. Meanwhile, rescue officers are studying the situation, deciding what should be dug up out of the garage in the first place.

By the way, the cause of the landslide experts MES already installed. "The landslide occurred due to flooding of the soil. Now we find out why he watered: whether due to rain, or for any other reason, "- told our reporter rescuers and added that due to the displacement of soil had to cut off gas and water supply, which has been damaged by a landslide.

Interestingly, one of the owners of the car Anatoly Petrovich, miraculously saved his "Nissan" from the dam in the garage almost the last second. "The owner of the cooperative told me that the garage covers the ground. And in 7.00, I ran to my garage and opened it, with unprecedented speed left and saved my car "- Anatoly happy. But the owner of the "Daewoo Lanos" Yuri that day not lucky, the car he was only a bunch of keys. People are afraid to come close to the site of an emergency, because they do not know how to behave in the soil.

Olga Bondarchuk, Maxim Miroshnichenko, Maya Skidanova

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