In the EU, will begin producing milk sleepy

Korovin Company's milk has long been considered one of the best natural remedies for insomnia. Our grandmothers advise anyone who has had problems with sleep, drink at night glass of warm milk, add a few drops of honey or herbal tea. This not only strengthens the body with essential amino acids, but also helps to relax.

Recently, the benefit of this drink to combat insomnia and German scientists proved. As shown by their research, cow's milk, and milking the night contains an increased amount of melyataninu. This hormone is responsible for a variety of biological processes associated with the change of day and night — primarily for sleep, as well as the digestive system, the work of brain cells, the dynamics of aging, immune function, and etc.. It is believed that all mammals melyatanin is performed in the dark. Cows it falls not only in blood, but also milk. Milchkristalle Bavarian company has patented a new special agent on the basis of the night milk for those who suffer from insomnia.

From lack melyataninu man may die prematurely

As evidenced by German scientists in the Lately Insomnia has become one of the major problems of the nervous system. In Germany and other developed countries of the West has trouble sleeping every third. According to the study, which was conducted by the Medical University of Pensilvaniya (USA), a chronic lack of sleep is particularly dangerous for men. For a long time watching the health of middle-aged men, U.S. researchers noted that those who slept less than 6 hours per night, died almost 4.5 times more likely those who had the opportunity to good night's sleep. Therefore, scientists believe that insomnia should always be treated. And to begin to deal with the problem of the strong do not need medication, but from the people's money — the same milk.

Developing together with the Munich scientists drink called "sleepy milk", the company Milchkristalle found that if milking cows at the second night of the fourth morning, the milk will contain 25 times more melyataninu than ordinary milk.

New Life Bavarian cows

To increase the amount of milk melyataninu for Bavarian cows will now set up a special night-time lighting conditions. Dispense entirely with no lighting at night will not work, because in the dark cow fear and start worrying. Then a high content melyataninu be forgotten.

The second technological feature of the new production of dairy products — this enrichment of fodder tryptophan, an amino acid that is part of the dietary protein. It was thanks to him that in cow's milk is a useful hormone that helps a person to fall asleep.

Latest invention of German researchers, however, did not cause enthusiasm among the experts of the consumer market. Sound arguments that the "drowsy" milk contains much less melyataninu than those preparations which are aimed at combating insomnia. Ostensibly to get as many melyataninu is contained in the tablets, the patient who wants to sleep, have to apply two million servings of dry milk powder.

According to scientists from the University of Berlin, people suffering from insomnia, can not be expected overnight Bavarian dairy product, which will be available not know when, but rather continue to drink plain milk at night.

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