In the Kiev zoo poisoned deer

David deer in a zoo in the Ukrainian capital, died as a result of poisoning, zoo officials said. The autopsy in the animal showed signs of a toxic substance.

"We learned that the deer had been poisoned with rat poison. This is the horror" — leading website of the Ukrainian newspaper "Today" word zoo director Alexei Tolstoukhov. He also said that no one else to treat pets as all staff veterinarians submitted resignations.

The Director reported that professionals tired of listening to criticism in the party because of the poor appearance of the animals. Previously, the zoo director found that 70% of pets in the zoo experienced their biological age. "There's a behemoth on its last legs, starved tiger, giraffe gets sick," — said one of the vets.
Another cause of mass exodus of doctors to look for jobs in a ban on treating pets residents of the Ukrainian capital. "The fact that the inspection of animals takes place three times a day, the rest of the vets are largely employed, and many people of Kiev to see a doctor and they helped — said Tolstoukhov. — This method was practiced last 20 years. Animals brought not only ordinary citizens but ministers, diplomats and ambassadors. This year rose Bucha that, say, Kiev zoo vets do not do anything, but merely assist dogs and cats. Ended up that reception is not a zoo, and all the vets retired and now we to look for new employees. "

Alex Tolstoukhov said that he is ready to work on a part-time veterinarian, because it has an appropriate certificate and even wrote his thesis, said "of" However, the Director expressed the hope that in the event of an emergency, former colleagues will certainly come back and help the animals.

Tolstoukhov also spoke of the fate of a badger who committed his third escape attempt. Beast again gnawed his cage to get to the nearby marten. However fugitive caught again. "Now we have established him a glass partition so he could always see the marten, but it will not slipped," — said Tolstoukhov.

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