In the Kirov region kills rabbit haemorrhagic disease

RabbitsKirov, November 3 — RIA Novosti. Sixty rabbits Sanchursk fell in the village of Kirov region due to the outbreak of viral haemorrhagic disease, which is the last case was reported 18 years ago, said on Thursday the press center of the region's governments.

According to the authorities, the rabbits were killed in the private sector of the village on October 16. In the study of three carcasses in the Mari El republic veterinary laboratory revealed changes characteristic of viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits.

"This disease is not dangerous to humans, of all the animals get sick just rabbits. But the disease has caused great economic damage: 100% of the individuals killed in the first days after infection. The disease can spread to other parts of the Kirov region. Therefore, in an emergency meeting on Wednesday Antiepizootic Commission decided to introduce some restrictions on Sanchursk "- told RIA Novosti Chief State Veterinary Inspector of Veterinary Surveillance Department of Veterinary Sergei captain.

According to him, the local authorities are rabbit breeders list to control the situation.

"In addition, the vaccine purchased from hemorrhagic disease, will be vaccinated animals. Previously immunized rabbits did not, since the area is considered safe with respect to the virus. Ban the import and export of rabbits, their meat and skins of Sanchursk district. Disinfect the farm where the animal fell, "- said the police captain.

He added that if no new cases, the restrictions will be removed in 15 days.

"Viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits in 1986, appeared at the farm on the border with China. The disease has spread throughout Russia. Vaccination was introduced, followed by the Kirov region ailment won. The reason for the current outbreak — a violation of the animal health rules. Between breeders there is a constant exchange of animals without vetosmotrov and documents ", — said the official.

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