In the Poltava region of Ukraine burning peat

Peatland fires appeared yesterday in Semenov district, Poltava region near the village of Whites, said on Thursday the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN referring to the Poltava regional emergency department.

According to MOE, fire damaged the surface of peat on the area 0.75 hectares.

Cause of the fire — careless handling of fire by unknown persons. To eliminate fire ten specialists involved fire and rescue units Semenov district and five units of special equipment.

On Thursday, the work of extinguishing the fire continues.

Also the day before there was a fire in the area Globinsky Poltava region near the village of Romanovka — peat surface burned an area of 1 hectare. Damage and cause of the fire set. On Thursday, the fire continues this elimination of ignition.

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