In the Red Sea swimming banned

In the Red Sea swimming bannedAuthorities believe that in this way you can protect people from shark attacks.
The governor of the province of South Sinai in Egypt, Mohammed Shosha has signed a decree to ban swimming and diving in the Red Sea coast in the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

This has already been made aware of the National Chamber of diving and marine activities.

The head of the province did not explain the specific reasons for the decision, merely pointing out that it is done for the safety of tourists and their protection against shark attacks.

South Sinai authorities banned deep-sea diving and swimming in the 26 areas of the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh. Still swimming and diving and snorkeling can be only in six areas: Naama Bay, Nabq, Sharm El-Maya, Ras Um Sid, Sharks Bay, Ras Gamil, RIA "Novosti".

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