In the Sahara, archaeologists have discovered a mysterious civilization

October 8, 2012 19:19

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious civilization in the SaharaA few days ago a research team from the University of Leicester announced its shocking discovery. Archaeologists have found in the Libyan Sahara remains of an ancient civilization.

This discovery scientists were able to make the surface due to pictures of North Africa, made with the help of satellite equipment. As a result, researchers have seen more than a derelict building settlements. These structures resembled the whole locks.

Scientists have identified as the main part of the detected cities can be attributed to the first millennium AD. Already at that time the North African people knew how to build guns and other dangerous weapons.

In addition, archaeologists were surprised by the pyramids of stone, which were used for burial of the noble members of the tribe. Researchers have set a goal to find the cause of the decline of civilization, which at one time could be much higher level of development than the people of Europe.

L. Storm

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