In the Sumy region eighth-shot mobile UFO hovering above it

June 1, 2012 7:46

Students of school № 5 of Romni (Sumy region) rallied to a search party "Romny — Kosmopoisk", in which study different anomalous and unexplained phenomena. Under the guidance of a biology V.Litovki guys have accumulated enough information about the appearance of unidentified flying objects over their hometown — Romny.

So 29.04.2012g. in 00 hours 15 minutes. Dasha Kuzyukova (Grade 8) the appearance and disappearance of the intervals (2 minutes) unknown flying object. First came on a green light, then all the rest. The object turned out the lights at the same time (with wire). The height of the horizon line is no greater than 45 degrees. Moving object silently from west to east (between c. Ovlashi and Romny). To his luck, eyewitness made eight shots of varying quality, and another to her story would be treated with suspicion.

Head of young ufologist Vladimir Litovka clarified that a student, a similar phenomenon for the second time. Distrust of her no, because students in these parts is often observed a similar picture. "We're even," board "(as on a ship) Journal of UFO sightings" — ironically clarifies Vladimir.

Here is what eyewitness directly: "The night was hot. Houses were his father and mother. The third floor, overlooks the pond. I went to bed late, opened the window and looked closely into the distance. In the night sky slowly light up green asterisk. I set up the phone "Samsung" with a 3.2 megapixel camera to night mode and start shooting. Including the rest of the lights slowly, the body itself was moving (too slow) over the pine forest at the height of the horizon line is not more than 45 degrees. After two minutes of observation all the lights with some slowdown, were off. After 10 minutes of observation, I closed the window. And when the parents saw the pictures that were very surprised … "

"The first time is not an object like Dasha Kuzyukova seen in early spring, but then the video camera did not record anything. Of course a pity that most students do not have good cameras. But bezrybe — and cancer — a fish "- summed V.V.Litovka

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