In the Transcarpathian region Beregovsky eight years Jesus weeps



Tears of Jesus in the house of Mary and Tibor sorcerer that the village Kilosh Beregovskogo region of Transcarpathia streaming myrrh of a crucifix for eight years. Healing ointment family gives people — they say it cures for deadly diseases. During the healing ointment to the Western Ukraine come from all over the country and even from abroad.

"The metal crucifix on a wooden cross set my husband Tibor. A week later, it appeared fine droplets of the healing of the world. It flows from the wounds of Jesus on his hands in those places where the holy crucifix fastened to the cross and to the feet of the Lord. Noticed that the world is allocated unevenly .

Day — less, and after 10 pm, the crucifix comes to life, — the owner merges fragrant myrrh in small cups, baptizing them a son and a daughter. — Sometimes, during the night mirotocheniya process is very intense, sometimes recruited under a plate full of the holy image. Miro is allocated for eight years, look, scented oil liquid during this time has even slipped a wooden cross. Moreover, under it on the wall formed like a cartoon oil paints Cross "- says the hostess.

Sorcerer's family lives in an old one-story house in the village Kilosh Beregovskogo region of Transcarpathia. The cozy home from the moment you feel the pleasant musky scent. The hostess leads to a small room. At the entrance to the bedroom on the wall I see the wooden cross on which — a metal crucifix. Below it, a footrest is a tiny saucer. For it drops dripping myrrh. On the contrary — a table with flowers and prayer books, lit a candle at the holy image.

"A year ago, the men of our neighbor found a tumor, the poor were taken to the hospital, he was already on his feet and did not get up. Hearing of the wonderful world, his wife did not hesitate to go to Ukraine — says Chunda Kolozhvari of Budapest. — During the day, came back with a peace from the sorcerer. But the doctors did not believe that oncology patients recover, warned his wife to preparing for the funeral. And every day she read a prayer over the man and made him a world of healing crosses on the forehead, hands and feet. And the miracle happened after three days he first this month asked is, and in two weeks — began to recover. now — is healthy. I also came here in the hope of salvation, I have a sick daughter, can not bear a child, four times losing an unborn baby. But doctors were powerless, one hope — to Jesus. "

"As a healing ointment come to us from all over Ukraine and abroad. If a person comes to faith and sincere prayer — there are real miracles of healing — the woman says. — In this world I have cured her husband's brother over a month every day greased psoriatic plaques that were all over the body, and the disease has receded, even the doctors were surprised miraculous healing. And recently we came to a woman from Russia, who three years ago took the world. Told that cured them breast cancer. We almost daily — the pilgrims. Tibor even offered to sell the crucifix came from Kiev, Russia and Budapest, but her husband refused. Miro we do not sell, give it to the temple, and helping those who come in the hope of healing. "

Maria sorcerer says that when in the room where the crucifixion, spent the night her daughter Beata, she suddenly woke up at night, and at the cross — vital angel. For a month the angel saw a mother and Tibor.

"I have a good and hard-working man, and a few years ago noticed that my Tibor like a stone on the heart is. Complained that there is no peace in his heart, was a sad, cox eyes. Somehow along with the children visited a monastery. After Confession Elder has taught us God's prayer and advised to install the crucifixion in the house. And in the evening we went to a friend and offered me a bundle. in old newspapers — the crucifixion of the Lord — recalls. — My husband was delighted, made a wooden cross, however, when the drilled holes to attach to the his crucifixion, he felt pain in his heart, as if pierced the flesh of the living. "

After a week of metal wounds of Jesus flowed the blood of the saint. A neighbor, who came to the sorcerer, first noticed the tiny droplets on the cross. And Mary has decided that this metal was sweating from the couple, because next to the room — the kitchen. The next morning, under a crucifix husband noticed an oily stain. It was February 26, 2004 — eight years as a miracle occurred. At first the neighbors were skeptical of it. In 2009 the world of home sorcerer studied in Budapest and confirmed that it contains elements unknown to science.

So now Mary Tibor afraid to make repairs even in the bedroom — and suddenly, if will take a holy crucifix in the other room, and it is a miracle disappear?

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