In the world of the unknown reasons bees are dying, it can lead to the destruction of humanity

In the world of the unknown reasons bees are dyingThe disappearance of bees from our planet could increase already started a food crisis. This prevents the agricultural bank Rabobank. According to the scientist, Albert Einstein, if bees die out, then four years after that, and people will die, like the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Perhaps Einstein exaggerating — rye, wheat and rice are pollinated by the wind. But, nevertheless, on pollination by insects grow crops that provide a third of the total food supply of mankind, experts estimate. While 80-90% of the pollination is done by bees butterflies and moths can not handle large areas.

These crops provide 35% of calories coming into your body, and most of the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Without pollinating insects will not grow nuts, melons and berries. Insects also help pollinate citrus fruits, apples, onions, broccoli, squash (including zucchini), beans, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, faba bean, coffee, cocoa, avocados and coconuts. But the production of these crops is to be the fastest growing and most valuable segments of the global food industry.

/ Wp-content/uploads/2011/02/1348077_20110208200034.jpgThe extinction of the bees has increased in 2006. Every winter in the U.S. 30-35% dying bee colonies, but usually cold season can not survive only 10%. Since 1961, the volume of agricultural production, which depends on the activity of the bees, quadrupled, but the number of bee colonies has been halved, and the number of bees per hectare fell by about 90%. In Europe every year to lose 20% of bee families, the same trend starts to track in Latin America and Asia.

"Farmers still manages to produce their products with a smaller number of bee colonies, and there are no data on the reduction of the crop. But the question is how long they will still be succeeded in the continuation of this trend," — the report says.

Possible reasons for the reduction of the bee population leads the World Fund for the bees. These may include: malnutrition, pesticides, pathogens, immunodeficiencies, mites, fungi, beekeeping practices (eg, use of antibiotics or transportation of hives over long distances) and electromagnetic radiation.

In the world of the unknown reasons bees are dyingIn Germany, France and Italy, some pesticides have already been banned in Britain engaged in the revision of the rules of the use of pesticides — found that they can impair memory and immunity bees. But without fertilizer can hardly do: every year, the world population increased by 70 million people, besides a significant share of the harvest of grain in the United States, Argentina and the European Union has earmarked for the production of biofuels for environmentally friendly vehicles. Rabobank proposes to ban the use of pesticides at least in the daytime, when the bees collect pollen.

One of the versions explaining the extinction of bees, launched in Russia — a mobile connection. Once in the village Athanasian Achitskogo district of Sverdlovsk region have established cell tower, bee population has decreased markedly, reported the Sverdlovsk regional television. But in the regional mobile phone company charges is not recognized: the signalers have documents confirming the safety of antennas for all living things, they assured.

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