In Ufa recorded unusual technical phenomenon — mass simultaneous car crash

October 24, 2012 11:33

In Ufa, Lenin Street recorded mass failure regular cars.

October 23 in the center of Ufa recorded unusual technical phenomenon — mass simultaneous failure of road transport. Only on the stretch between the intersection of Lenin Street to the streets of Pushkin and Dostoevsky (length — 1320 m) in the afternoon, 23 October, Video Group IA "Bashinform" recorded at least 15 vehicles, standing on the emergency alarm. Most cars with flashing turn signals are four in the second row with mostly empty cubicles.

Characteristically, the even side of Lenin street in the area of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkortostan is immune from sudden breakdowns, where cars are parked in a row along the curb. The greatest number of blinking machines registered in the National Youth Theatre, as well as Dostoyevsky Street, near Ufa in the eyes of the prestigious grammar school.

Based on the rules of the road, we can assume that the drivers of these vehicles use the alarm because of a forced shutdown because no accidents, no towing, no children in boarding transport, nor the conditions to blind drivers at this time was not observed.

Rules, in turn, treat the emergency stop as the "cessation of the vehicle because of its technical failure or danger posed by the cargo, the state of the driver (passenger) or an obstacle on the road."

As the correspondent of "Bashinform", an unusual natural phenomenon is the technical office in the main street of Ufa for several days, "Morgan Machines" significantly impede travel.

The Office of Traffic Police of the capital reported that Lenin Street police encounter such events every day, especially on the section of road from the junction with the Pushkin Street to the intersection with the street October Revolution. From the beginning, there were more than 25,000 violations of stopping and parking rules, most of them falls to the southern part of the city, said the traffic police. "From July 1, 2012 penalties for the loss that interfere on the road — that is qualified to stop the misuse of the emergency alarm system — increased to two thousand. For our part we are making efforts to address the problem, but while in the middle of the road widened, parking is still not enough, the situation remains difficult, "- commented on the metropolitan traffic police.

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