In Vitebsk bully beat Neklyaeva

Unknown attacked with fists on the image of a potential candidate for the presidency, which was an attribute of the picket to collect signatures. The guy in a camouflage jacket inflicted several blows and ran away.

The incident described Nina Kovalyov, gatherer of signatures on the picket line: "The third day we are collecting signatures near the Summer Amphitheatre with" Nyaklyaeu "- a picture of the poet to his full height, cut along the contour. Of course, this attribute rally attracts attention. And this evening we went to a few minutes a guy — in beysboltsy, gates camouflage jacket lifted, people can hardly see. Then he jumped up, punched him several times on the figures from the plastic, and methyl in the face. And then ran for the transition to the other side the street. "

Lydia Sagidulina, coordinator for the collection of signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva the Vitebsk region, said that the image of Vladimir Neklyaeva remained intact: "We just were going to pick her up, because it was already dark and the picketers exits. Attacks none of them had expected, so the bully does not even have time to delay. For several days, we are collecting signatures "with Neklyaeva," but with such aggression, have not yet encountered.

Only in Vitebsk fined bully who insulted October 18 collector of signatures on the picket lines along Lenin Street. The incident with the attack on the image Neklyaeva held in the same place, but the striker — the other person, say activists, witnesses the incident.


Elections 2010

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