In Volyn found ancient Russian treasure

Vladimir-Volyn Volyn region in the school found a treasure of silver jewelry of ancient period.
In late August, in the gymnasium № 4 to excavation work to install new communications. Since in the area, according to historical research, was previously Posad Chronicles of Vladimir, for the work of the following archaeologists.
On the first day, archaeologists found in the land of interest and started digging, the website "Wolinski truth." During excavations discovered a treasure of silver jewelry of ancient period.

The treasure consists of silver: Shane hryvnia, plate bracelet, twisted bracelet, temple rings (earrings "Kiev" type), Colt, crosses and necklaces. In particular, the temporal rings, made of silver, similarly dated XI — the first half of the XIII century.
Necklace made of hollow silver plates that are flat on one side and a convex side — on the other, and the ends are decorated with silver figures in the form of the snake's head. Analogies such product requires additional research. Marble cross, equilateral, embellished by Ramen silver plates, by analogy is a product of Byzantine origin.
Next to the treasure found fragments of pottery pot top XII — early XIII century, which contained traces of oxidation of ferrous metal.
To date, work has been completed, a treasure passed for restoration.

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