Incredible! Legendary Frosya Burlakova embalm herself in grave

September 30, 2012 13:38

Body of a star of Soviet cinema Savinova Catherine lay in the tomb for several decades, but the actress still looks as if alive.

Actress Catherine Savinov found incorrupt 30 years after burial. Time always circumvent the legendary Frosya Burlakova party, and after her death, she also has not changed.

In 1970 Burlakova buried near the railway crossing, where patients with schizophrenia actress threw herself under a train. After many years, native has made the exhumation and reburial at another cemetery. When the coffin got, kind of body shocked relatives Savinova.

Anatoly Novopashny, the priest, "The body of Catherine Feodorovna was intact. Covered with a blanket church, on the forehead — whisk, a little white handkerchief. "

Explain the remarkable preservation of the body of actress took the priests, criminologists and psychics. According to one version, the actress managed to embalm itself.

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