Infernal Machine Engineering Plant production Kopeysk

Kopeysky Engineering Works presents a unique set of modern multi-industries, from steel-making to build the most sophisticated machines, from its base metals, energy management, training and workshops to ensure production.

It is the largest enterprise in Russia for the production of mining equipment for underground mining of coal, potash ore and rock salt, which creates, produces and delivers to consumers More than 50 kinds of mining and processing equipment: Tunneling harvester complexes, loading, buropogruzochnye and cutting machines, heading-shearers, self-propelled drilling rigs, processing equipment and general engineering products.

Car with a brand factory operated in all coal basins of the CIS. Are familiar with the technique of "KMZ" miners more than 30 foreign countries. Combines the plant and work on potash mines in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In Russia they have produced more than 90% of the potash ore and produced most of the underground rock salt. More than 70% of the total number of harvesters operated during the development workings in the coal mines of the country are made on the Kopeisk plant. Well aware of the technique of the plant utilities and road-building organizations in Russia.

The company provides its clients with timely delivery of products, constantly improving and developing the quality of its service. The plant is firmly on the path of sustainable development.

Despite the global crisis, Kopeysk machine-building plant continues mass production and further improving the design of high-heading-shearers' Ural-20R "," Ural-61A "," Ural-10R "schelenareznoy machine" Ural-50 "for mining enterprises potash ore and rock salt. Increase threefold resource harvester "Ural-20R", by which in 2007 the miners of "Uralkali" reached a record figure for the Verkhnekamsk: within a month of the fourth brigade Mine Group produced 125 thousand tonnes of sylvinite ore. In addition, the processor "Ural-20R" in 2008 became the winner of the competition "100 best goods of Russia". Also, work is underway to develop and produce new products: combine with the executive body of the drum "Ural-400C", self-propelled drilling wells upstream and downstream of the SBU-250 self-propelled carriage V15K, equipped with a frequency converter, belt conveyors.

For businesses of coal segment of the market is commercially available from the upgraded processor 1GPKS with hydraulic speed and high-performance continuous miner KP21, which in 2009 became the winner of the program "100 best goods of Russia". And in September of this year, a team of mine "Komsomolets" in Kuzbass set another record, having passed through the combine KP21 707 meters of conveyor drift. Created at the factory ten years ago, this processor has gone through several stages of development. With it, the miners were able to increase the pace of underground development in the month. The facts speak for themselves: mine "Jubilee" in 2004 — 260 m, mine "Polosukhinskaya" in 2006 — 290 m, mine "Gramoteinskaya" in 2007 — 320 m, the mine is number 7 IC "Sokolovskoye" in 2008 — 420 m, OJSC "SUEK-Kuzbass" mine "Komsomolets" in March 2010 — 560 m

In 2006 the serial production of the tunnel boring machine KP21D with remote control. For development workings in hard rocks created roadheader heavy type KP200 weighing 80 tons. Field tested roadheader KP200T who exercised tunneling underground station Tchkalovskaya Yekaterinburg. In 2009, the management of the company was made a fundamentally important decision about the development of the mine belt conveyors. In 2010, on the order of "Silvinit" produced 17 divisional command post exercise conveyors with belt width 1000 mm and 3 main conveyor Powertrain with width 1200 mm.

In addition, the technique works CMH in a number of other industries: the businesses on diamond and gold mining, salt and gypsum, non-ferrous ores and bauxite.

About machinery and plant specialists gratefully respond miners dozens of countries, the builders of tunnels and subways, power plants and many other facilities.

Particular attention is paid to services operated by consumers technique. The plant specialists provide technical assistance during installation and commissioning of new equipment, provide training for drivers of mining machinery and personnel of repair services. In a number of regions created representations of the plant and consignment warehouses of spare parts.

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