Interrupted because of the snow movement restored in Vladivostok

Traffic on the road sections Sedanka — Patroclus in Vladivostok, which was interrupted on Monday because of snow, resumed in full, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of the traffic police MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory.

Active cyclone came Monday in Primorye from the Yellow Sea, brought to Vladivostok snowfall, accompanied by wind gusts on the coast of which reach 11 meters per second. During Monday Vladivostok fell half decadal rainfall. To eliminate the effects of snow on city streets were about 150 pieces of cleaning equipment and 250 road workers. The city authorities on Monday decided to close part of the route Sedanka — Patroclus, built for the APEC summit, from street Makovsky before entering the bridge on the Russian island for cars due to the complicated road conditions caused by snow.

"The site was opened to road car on Tuesday afternoon after her completely cleared of snow. Going there now fully restored," — said the official.

Previously reported, due to the number of reported accidents snowfall per day reached 262, while on other days recorded 60-70 incidents. The main number of accidents occurred on steep slopes of roads. The most common cause of accidents and traffic jams became mismatch tires weather.

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