Israels military-industrial complex

The long-lasting stability in the market of arms exports in 2010 occurred at the first sight unseen rearrangement. In the cohort of the leading countries in the U.S., our homeland, Germany, France, as if a hurricane had burst into Israel. According to the Ministry of Defence of the country, who made public information on arms exports last year, Israel was the fourth greatest exporter, selling products for military purpose by $ 7.2 billion. Best performance in only the U.S., Russia and Germany. But, most likely in the coming years leading foursome undergo metamorphosis and other significant — a strong presence in the market of weapons from China increases every year.

Companies defense of Israel in 2010, failed to translate their products at $ 9.6 billion. According to the Ministry of Defense, weapons and military equipment to $ 2.4 billion. were ordered by the Israeli army, and orders of $ 7.2 billion. came from zabugornyh customers. Past year, but like the last 6 years, has become a highly profitable export-sized military contracts Israel, which firmly holds its place on the international arms market. Once a year, more than 80% of a variety of military products made in Israel and exported.

The main types of the Israeli military purpose products supplied zabugornom customers are unmanned aerial vehicles (BPL), weapons systems, including remote-controlled modules, sensors, radars, as a number of complexes for conversion of aircraft. The insignificant share in arms exports occupy and planes, namely, multi-role fighters IAI Kfir. According to the Stockholm Institute for Peace Research problems (SIPRI), the huge demand in the global market are now Israeli radars and sensors, a variety of different types of missiles and aircraft equipment.

In the next couple of years, Israel plans to increment the range of weapons that are available on the exports. After 2010 , the Ministry of Defense decided to start exporting the main battle tank Merkava Mark IV, armored evacuation and repair vehicles Merkava ARV Nemmera and APC Merkava IFV Namer. In addition, as will be exported missile defense system "Strela" (Arrow) and "metal dome" (Iron Dome).

According to the latest report presented by SIPRI, the size of Israel's military exports for the period of 2010 to $ 472 million in 1990 prices In this case the size of the Israeli military supplies over the limit decreased compared with 2009 almost doubled — to $ 335 million decrease was associated with the devil increasingly fickle in the Middle East, as a residual effect on the global economy of the greatest global financial and economic collapse.

In 2010, it was announced after talks between Russia and Israel to conclude a contract for the supply of gadgets to build drones for $ 300 million addition, in 2010, Israel delivered to Colombia three new fighter IAI Kfir. The average price of the 1st of this aircraft is about $ 5-5.5 million, which means the universal size given export amounted to $ 15-16,5 million. In addition, Israel 2ely concluded a number of agreements with Russia, India, France and the United States for the supply of various drones, radar detectors, missiles, and services to improve the armor.

Previously not many Israeli media wrote with reference to the official representatives of the defense industry in the coming few years, most the size of military exports decline. This will be due to the fact that the case of Israel and Turkey, one of its major customers began to deteriorate, and the European countries in the aspects of the shortage of city budgets were cut military spending. In the future, the implementation of principal will be provided only by India and the states of North America, the most important clients of military products in Israel.

Chief Military exporter in 2010 were the United States as usual, sold their weapons and various military equipment by $ 31.6 billion. In comparison with 2009, the figure fell to $ 6.5 billion. Second place in terms of exports took our homeland from $ 10 billion. Year back government set a limit for military products worth $ 8.8 billion. Germany, considered to be the third-largest exporter, real official data for 2010 is not yet announced, but according to the Ministry of Commerce of the country, in 2009 military sales over the limit of 5.8 billion dollars. euros ($ 8.7 billion. euros at an average annual rate equal to $ 1.5).

According to SIPRI, in the last 5 years, five of the greatest military exporters looked like this: the United States, Russian Federation, Germany, France, United Kingdom. The latter two countries have also not released official information about their own military supplies. All the same, it is curious that, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Defence of France, the country's military exports in 2009 amounted to 8.16 billion. euro. Great Britain in the same year sold arms to 7.2 billion. pounds ($ 11 billion)..

U.S. is the largest exporter of huge variety of military products. According to the Stockholm Institute study problems of the world, a separate part of the country on the global arms market in 2009 was 30%. Our homeland on this indicator took second place with 24%, Germany — third with 11%, France — 4th with 8%, and the UK — 5th with 4%.

Thus, the top five the last 2-years looked like this: the United States, France, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Germany. Israel, with its $ 6.9 billion. went to the 6th place, and not a very good considering the growth of military sales to the country, that it could take fourth place in 2010, hard to believe. In SIPRI balance of exporters in 2009 made another: United States ($ 6.7 billion. In 1990 prices), Russian Federation ($ 5.6 billion.), Germany ($ 2.4 billion.), France ($ 1.9 billion. ), UK ($ 1.02 billion).. Israel occupied the 8th, being behind Spain ($ 998 million) and China ($ 1 billion).. But, in the long term position of the countries may prove quite different.

With the rapid growth of the military-industrial sector in China and samples of Israel to enter the international export market instruments with new proposals, of course, ENTERED significant adjustments in the balance of power. It may well be that the rule of the U.S. and Russia in the coming years and may end market arms trade, will fill the new players!

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