Issue «Raptor» came to an end

Issue «Raptor» came to an end

On Tuesday, the company Marietta Lockheed Martin the assembly line enterprise will be released the last F-22 Raptor — fighter of the fifth generation. This will be the 195th plane. Despite the crown of the best fighters in the world, F-22 was a victim of the Pentagon and Congress to limit the batch creation of the aircraft.

From critics have long been complaints are the highest price of the aircraft, which is about 140 million dollars, as allegations that the "Raptors" after the end of the war did not have the cool "clear mission". The F-22 was not used effectively to combat international terrorism, also did not work in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On the part of the defenders of "Raptor" in front of the argument by that now in Russia and China develop stealth fighter F-22 class.

Company Lockheed Martin competition for the F-22 won in April 1991. Of early Sunday morning September 7, 1997 made the first flight of the plane this type. Piloted his test pilot Paul Metz. Company initially meant to build 1.4 thousand aircraft of this type, but the number of aircraft ordered decreasing every year.

Layouts YF-22, built a factory in the town of Palmdale (California), but the series organized by the establishment of the plant in Marietta.

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