It is necessary to learn from Lukashenko to trick the global crisis

Students discuss the application of the leader of the country relatively higher wages and pensions, think about how will the relations between the European Union and the Belarusian authorities. Can we consider adequate financial aid, which the state had to relatives of victims from the Pinsk factory?

Our listener commented on the increase of salaries and pensions in Belarus in a crisis situation:

"In the states of the EU crisis has cut salaries, pensions in many states, including Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and others. And we Lukashenko promised before the end of the year to increase to an average of $ 500, with a negative balance of trade and overflowing warehouses.

So, maybe the EU states should learn from Lukashenko as possible to deceive the global crisis with the printing press? "

Boris Zheliba

Economist Boris Zheliba call the listener comment:

"The global crisis is gradually ending. We do not increase the salaries of the fact that our economy has recovered, and the reason for the political.

Not much, and are guided by economic laws. We do already responds rising prices and the threat of devaluation. It is expected and investors are now getting rid of ruble deposits and convert them into foreign currency.

State influential and we can raise salaries by order. In market economies, it is not. By order of where this can not be done. "

Our listener called for "Freedom", to express their views on the relations between Europe and the Belarusian authorities:

"Lately, more and more often heard the question from the opposition, why Western Europe is so strange behavior against the Belarusian regime? Western Europe is pursuing its own interests.

It is, of course, not China, but also crowded and not enough land. Forgotten what a real forest, rather than woodland park strip. And then, by the standards of Europe, a large area with a population that is dying out and degraded. Why Europe Chinese territory Night at hand?

So she decides its territorial problems as the Chinese Muslims with wholesale and retail all is not dismantled. And our leaders all the drum, they are his descendants for centuries provided and on every continent. "


Politician Milinkevich Call listener comments:

"I do not think that it is important for Europe to buy Belarus, together with the population. For Europe, it is important to their country's borders have stable, predictable, democratic to them could collaborate, to have perspective.

For European politicians are also very important Belarusian independence. I do not think that if we now have announced the privatization of our land, we have gathered a lot of capitalists and would buy back our land.

In this there is no danger. The danger in this country, because that possibility of cooperation with the European Union, which offered 2 years ago, pretty much lost.

I remain a supporter of what you need to start co-operation with Europe and the political and the economic. We need an upgrade. Without it, our economy will not sustain unless Russian subsidies. Therefore, we must proceed in cooperation with Europe. "

People are discussing the recent accident at Pinsk furniture factory, which killed three people and 19 — were in intensive care. Students outraged that the official media was fed information about the accident as a secondary, but authorities did not respond to her in time. Now, students expressed about the size of material assistance to the victims of the tragedy:

"In the evening air of" Liberty "heard about these ten millionth of compensation from the state. I was very impressed? If 12 people die, it is possible to carry out one candidate in the presidential election campaign — is about 35 thousand dollars. It's a shame that's all. What is 10 million, which gives the state? Well, the family will get two soft corners, which cost 5 million. Ugh! — Here it is worth a human life in Belarus! Shame! Shame on this government! "

But the call of our regular listeners:

"Svabodavtsy, just listening on the radio as a court-martial in Iraq Aziz sentenced to death by hanging. Hitler measure, do not do that, it's barbaric to date. "

Our listener Anatoly Yakovlev from Vitebsk dedicated a poem anniversary of the mass shooting of the Belarusian intelligentsia in October 1937.

October thirty-seventh terrible
Black raven wings covered,
Razlilasya blood on the creative field,
Stalin created a hell on earth.

Honor our writer, poet.
Greatness, talent native Belarus
Night shot from a pistol,
The edge of his father drowned in sorrow.

Shame on you, supporters of Herodes,
Shame on you, damn spies,
The worst plague you have for the people,
Creators of Bolshevik oppression.

For the crime received a fee
How Judas betrayed Jesus,
Death nyasli modern Pilate,
Vile criminals of the NKVD.

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