Italian newspaper: Maya predicted the end of the Pope

February 10, 2012 17:51

Journalists Italian edition of Il Fatto Quotidiano say against Pope Benedict XVI is conceived plot to "physical elimination". In the order of publication got an official document, the registered office of the Vatican, where Colombian Cardinal Hoyos Kastrillon warns of the danger.

According to ITAR-TASS, the newspaper published a sensational headline on the front page: "The Pope will die in a year." According to the letter of Cardinal, written in his native German Benedict, during his visit to China at the end of November last year, Cardinal Paolo Romeo, archbishop of Palermo, heard the conversation between the "opinion leaders" that "dad die in 12 months."

Printing service of the Holy See has called a "sensational information" journalists "absurd." "This is complete nonsense, which can not be even close to be taken seriously. This is — madness "- said the head of the press service of the Papal Father Federico Lombardi. Although the "sensation» Il Fatto Quotidiano already actively disseminated by other media.

Fairly common story about a plot to assassinate the Pope is the best fit to the apocalyptic prediction the Mayan calendar, which, as we know, ends December 21, 2012. Among other things, extinct South American nation predicts that the current 265th since the time of Peter the Pope will be the last, after the departure of which come to an end and the entire Roman Catholic Church.

So far, Benedict XVI, which this year will be 85 years old, going to a new long journey, which includes a visit to Mexico and Cuba.

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