Ivan Kulikov refused to participate in elections

The applicant for President Ivan Kulikov abandoned presidential ambitions. This he told the "Freedom."

Mr. Kulikov said that his Initiative Group collected only about 90,000 signatures, some of them represented in the commission.

"I do not see it among the contenders for the people with whom you can team up to share my views. And the candidate that I could support. But the main reason — that I could not collect one hundred thousand signatures. But if I put together, I remember thinking to whether to participate. And a good chance that the winner is known in advance ", — said Ivan Kulikov.

"I also want to thank the" Freedom "for the friendly attitude and for being had the opportunity to convey their thoughts. I also want success to those who continue this marathon. And I hope that I, my initiative group and the people who supported me, will work together on. "

Ivan Kulikov, head of the Laboratory operates the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research — "Pines" of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


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