Journalists Charter 97: Hope for the professionalism of OSCE experts

Today — the first day when the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus with the death of the founder of the materials test site "Charter 97", Oleg worked Bebenina OSCE experts. The prosecutors are inclined to think that it was a suicide. Meanwhile, many in Belarus said about the possible murder of a prominent journalist.

According to the rules of the OSCE experts in such cases work in conditions of confidentiality. The media do not report even their names, and the results of the experts will come later in a special report on behalf of the OSCE.

A spokesman for the Prosecutor General of Belarus Petr Kiselev told about the first day of work of experts.

"Profits are running. I believe that today they are learning materials that are transferred to them. With regard to the plan of their work, I do not know, because we do not make records. Immediately agreed that they want and will work. "

Petr Kiselev repeated what he had said earlier press secretary: that the leaders of the prosecutor's office promised full support experts. Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede does not exclude that on request of the OSCE experts can be even to exhume the body of the murdered journalist to spend a number of necessary expertise.

Experts also provided an opportunity to meet with all who are of interest to them according to the case file.

I do not know what the OSCE experts can learn from the papers that they will be given to the prosecutor's office. I think that we could never be.

The site editor "Charter 97" Natalia Radin said that she knew about the invitation of her colleagues at a meeting with OSCE experts. Her to such a meeting, too, was not invited. Natalia Radin doubts the veracity of the version of suicide Oleg Bebenina, which as the most probable authorities say.

"First of all, I hope for their professionalism. I will mention that the police officers who drove to the scene, did not immediately fingerprinted, not sealed the building, where he found Oleg. So I do not know what the OSCE experts can learn from the papers that they will be given to the prosecutor's office. I think that we could never be, because, to our knowledge, no primary action is was . "

The reporter mentioned that the experts who came from Sweden and Norway, have 30 years of experience in investigations and forensics. This should help them to understand the case, says Radin. Journalists site "Charter 97" is calculated at a meeting with OSCE experts and say that if only the experts will meet with representatives of the police and prosecutors, the objective of the trial will not be considered.

The body of the founder of the site "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenina was found hanging in a loop on Sept. 3 at his country villa. After insisting on the public objectively verifiable event invited the authorities of Belarus to Minsk OSCE experts.


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