Kaloskay church wants to have plastic surgery

Institute "Grodnograzhdanproekt" proposes to replace the wooden wall of the church Kaloskay wall of stone materials. How to find independent experts, the restructuring of the Grodno temple to the new style can put an end to plans to include Kaloskay church in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Holy Borisoglebovskay or Kaloskuyu church in Grodno experts characterize not only as a monument of architecture HII century, but also as the only surviving church Belarus — or rather, Grodno school of architecture, which is unique in the whole of Eastern Europe.

But in the middle of the XIX century because apovznya southern part of the wall and overlap, as well as a fragment of the west wall of the church collapsed in the Neman. In 1897, instead of the stone walls have been put wood.

The last fifteen years there has been debate regarding the reconstruction methods Kolozhi. But the lengthy debate finally looming into realities: the institution of "Grodnograzhdanproekt" proposes to replace the wooden wall on a wall of stone materials.

Approves the proposal and the head of the preservation and restoration of historical and cultural heritage of the Ministry of Culture Igor Cherniavsky:

There is a proposal Engineers Institution "Grodnograzhdanproekt" lay gazasylikatnyya blocks in the thickness of the wall.

"There is a proposal Engineers Institution" Grodnograzhdanproekt "lay gazasylikatnyya blocks in the thickness of the walls — as zabudovachnaga material in order to make it easier. This issue is currently being discussed: how the material will behave in the thickness of the wall to avoid its destruction after a certain period. That is not to have to move that wall again. "

However, experts believe that the hasty reconstruction of the monument of architecture HII century to anything good will not. Public discussion of the proposed plan of reorganization Kolozhi only confirmed the warning of experts who have come to the conclusion that a gust of state can lead to disastrous results.

Grodno says archaeologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ales Kravtsevich:

"I have repeatedly spoken out on this issue, including the public discussion that the church should be left alone until she is not in danger. And to make every effort to ensure that the state of the coast guard. To shore not was falling, not padmyvavsya — that it must be constantly monitored. Restore the church to recover its Belarus can not. Because there is no restorers. Any specialist ask what would happen if the Belarusian builders to let Kolozhi. This will be the destruction of the monument. That, however, we we see everywhere. And monuments that rank in Belarus are very few, rather, only two of them: Transfiguration Church (Euphrosyne) in Polotsk and Borisoglebskaya in Grodno. You can not let go of so-called restorers. Because it simply is not true. Will remove the roof — wall will start to flow. They'd say yeah, the wall is filled, will not sustain the new floors, you need to carry. And instead of fragments of walls that are left, we can get a zero. And if you where to climb, then call the professionals of French and Polish, so they did. And even hire workers. "

Reporter"What in this situation may be the prospect Kolozhi inclusion in the list of World Heritage Sites?"

"So, now under consideration to take Kolozhu to UNESCO. But I am sure after the so-called reconstruction simply erase it from the list of UNESCO. "

At the public hearing, and was the architect Ming Vadim Glinnik. Interested: If most experts do not approve the proposed project authorities 'recovery', then why voice is so much of experts is ignored? And in such a situation can be made for "reconciliation" parties?

We do not have any expert who is able to carry out conservation in relation to such an extremely valuable object.

"Do not engage in Kaloskay completion of the church. The first reason: no one can guarantee that the landslide that destroyed part of the church in the XIX century, ceased. Need a hundred times to test the effectiveness of strengthening the slope of the hill. Until we are 100% sure that the church is not in danger — only after we can talk about how to start up the hill on the edge of construction equipment, overload proper foundations that hang in the air. Second problem: the lost image of the church — a very controversial and ambiguous perceived in many quarters. Today the church — it is a ruin, and for almost 800 years of its bytnavannya time took different guise. The logical question: why put the basis for completion of the project the image of the earliest stylistic layer, although there are no less important and later? For me it is a question. Returning to a particular style is not the purpose of restoration, as noted in the doctrine of the Venice Charter. So first of all we must think how to preserve what is, and not how to finish what is not there and no one knows what it was. I'm almost 30 years of doing the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage and understand: we do not have any expert who is able to perform conservation in relation to such extremely valuable object. Now the church is not destroyed, it is brought up. Therefore, for some time to leave her alone until better times. "

Architectural historian Sergei Hareuski gives his opinion on the advisability of "plastic surgery" for Kaloskay Church:

"If you have money to spare, then build next church — and we will solve all the problems. And they're going to finish gazasylikatnyh blocks the way it is currently thought. Nuance that looked like church — nobody knows. Historical documents that have survived, and the figure of Napoleon Orda show Kolozhu without the dungeons without a dome. In other words, what it has been after, as the bank fell into the Neman. It looked like her facade, the dome was and how much — no one knows and can not know. But they take the ancient authentic item and want to do the same insanity, as in the Church of the Annunciation in Vitebsk. Where to implement absolutely fancy the idea had to "bang" authentic walls 2.5 meters XI century. The same is preparing for Kolozhi that they understand and many of the faithful. And since Cherniavskyi took an aggressive stance, it is clear that the country is going on is absurd. Gathered at public hearings excellent experts in the field: teachers Polytechnic Academy, the practice of architects that make architectural designs, historians, archaeologists, community, congregation. Skeptical mind. Shapiro says that he has no confidence that it is worth doing. No! The Ministry of Culture wants to put a great deal, saying that though, we will destroy Kolozhu. "

Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro previously stated that the responsibility for reconstruction lies with the experts in this field.


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