Kama washes Permian village

Kama washes Permian villageResidents dying villages authorities say their salvation no money.

In the Perm region three regional center — the part of spruce and Wasp — may soon go under the water.

Each year the river Kama, Votkinsk reservoir erode up to six meters offshore. Some villages have water sloshing around the fences. Previously, the responsibility for shore protection was given to the regional budget and shore somehow strengthened. After making changes to the Water Code of Russia these powers were transferred to the federal government that money to strengthen the coast does not evolve.

— Here, look, the river has come close to home! And no promises that the house will be saved! Therefore, remain homeless — shows the side of the Kama River Frequent villager Anna Mishina. — If in the near future will not sustain the coast — to be trouble! Local authorities said that the money is to give the federal budget, and it does not. In our village, we must strengthen km of coastline — said another resident of the street, caught in the area of the collapse.

The district center is often located on the right bank of the Kama River, near Votkinsk reservoir. In the village there are regional hospital, a library, an arts school, a sports school, folk theater and Secondary School, recently celebrated the 170th anniversary of the representations. The school participates in the distance learning "Teleshkola", it has classes with intensive study of mathematics. Pupils of the local school constantly win in different competitions at the district level, and even participated in the marginal competition.

Name of his village once received by the island, which were in the building to Votkinsk Kama HPP. This hydro and formed reservoir, which was filled two years, from 1962 to 1964-th.

Every year near the Kama eroded parts by three or four meters offshore. And reached the houses.

The head of administration Chastinskogo district Vladimir Terekhin sent the Kama Basin Water Authority (BWA) of the Federal Water Resources Agency a letter to send a petition to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on the allocation of funds for the bank protection works.

"Since 2003, the Central district on the site of the lost territories of the village more than 3840 square meters, the expected cost (in 2007 prices) is more than 106 million rubles. In 2010, the critical situation has arisen in the area of the collapse of the village street was frequent, transmission line and other facilities, including the residential sector. The district administration has to take measures to protect the facilities, but the district's budget has no money that can be spent on the object because there is no power "- said in a letter to the head of the district.

Funds are received to date. Local residents say that they are in despair.

— Sell our homes is impossible. Who will buy them if they are about to go under the water? Insurance companies refuse to enter into a contract with us, — says Anna Mishina.

The threat of flooding hung over the city of Osa, who is also the regional center. The city is situated on the left bank Votkinsk reservoir, 140 kilometers from the regional center. Railway station in the city. Wasps cruised once before water transport — "Rocket" and "Meteor", but for the past 15 years, there can only be reached by bus.

In the city of 22,000 people living here are normal school and agricultural college.

— We are very concerned that the city faces flooding — said local resident Lydia Besedin. — Blur we can over two kilometers. If another year or two banks remain unfortified — the city will be lost!

— And they will remain unfortified — says resident Peter Wasps Fedoseyev. — For three years, Kama BWI trying to knock out of the federal budget money. But nothing they have not obtained. Anyone we do not need! Who are we?

A young Osintsev looking at the possibility of flooding the city with irony. 16-year-old college student agricultural Anton said, "Well, let him drown! Let him drown the whole country! I do not care! "

"SP": — Why? It's your city.

— Which city? Wilderness. And the country that I love. What a country where the government does not think about the people?

His support odnoguruppnitsa Olga: "We have all a damn! Tired of this miserable existence! Want to get out of here and go far, far away! And even though everything is drowned, even burn! "

In district Spruce threatened erosion was 1126 meters. This village is home to almost 6,000 people. Largest enterprise area maslorybkombinat "Elovsky" is responsible for butter, cheese and whole milk products, five years ago to exist. The village was only bakery.

In the spruce large secondary schools, 33 in her class, study in which 650 students. The school even has its own website, which recently marked out the news: "The school reports about the intense loss of cell phones and urges to tell the children about the rules of use of expensive things. And also, if possible, refrain from buying expensive phones, music players and other things that are not used as an educational process. " From this report, we can conclude that the closure of the largest regional enterprises are not particularly affected the well-being of local people.

— Try not to think about the future, think of it as scary! No clearance is not visible! I would not say that we are living well. Yes, parents are trying to buy kids a good thing. But much wealth we have. And now the terrible danger threatens — says village resident Nina Perepelitsa.

Head of the Department of Water Resources of the Kama Basin Water Management Inga Dolganova BelTA "SP" that the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Perm region were "fixed" only local waters.

— Particularly strong coastal erosion occurs in Elovskaya, Dobriansky, Osa and Chastinskom areas. In Dobryansky area a few years ago to strengthen coast in the village of Ust Dobryanka and-cinder. Dobriansky district administration appealed to the Regional Department of Industry and Nature to hold bank protection works in the villages and Bor-Visim LenVO. But in 2006, studies were carried out for the construction of necessary bank protection structures in these villages. Studies have shown that the construction of these facilities is economically inexpedient.

"SP": — What about the people living there?

— Local governments were invited to join the program of resettlement of residents from the danger zone. The money for the relocation of the regional budget was allocated. However, they have not been utilized.

"SP": — Will the banks strengthened in other areas?

— Documents prepared for this work completely. The problem lies in matching funds from the federal budget.

For bank stabilization in the village of Spruce requires 25 million rubles for the village part — 60 million, and for Wasps — 120. The Votkinsk reservoir is subjected to erosion of 400 kilometers, and the Kama — 591 km.

The head of the village administration, village Visim Love Fomin said: "Every year, we raise the question of strengthening the coast at a meeting with Dobriansky area, but we get the same answer:" No money! "

Residents of some communities, desperate to get help from the government, have their own stank.

— In a few stakes driven into the ground, they put of tires. For a while, it becomes a fortified coast: water namyvali sand and pebbles. But then the building destroyed, — says a resident of the village of Bor, Leningrad Military District. — At one point, we came to an open fence.

— Two years ago we were very frightened, when, during the autumn storm washed away an hour seven meters coast — says another resident of the Bor-Leningrad Military District. — And in the part of the village where the high bank, washed three meters annually.

The same problem and in the nearby village Olkhovka where water erodes cliffs.

— Last year, during the spring storms whole areas of land falls into the water! It was a terrible sight! After that we drove a pile near the shore, but they were washed away — says villager Olkhovka. — The situation is exacerbated by the fact that on the Kama uncontrollably mined gravel. Because of this, the soil is washed away from the river Kama hydroelectric dam, which threatens its integrity.

According to residents of the village confirmed Head of the Department of Civil Protection EMERCOM in Perm region Ludmila Masleeva"We insist that the ban extract gravel on the 70-kilometer stretch of Votkinsk reservoir. In the event of an emergency on the Kama HPP in the flood zone will get most of Perm. "

Kama washes Permian village

Extraction of river gravel, according to representatives of the named control, can lead to damage to the water supply and washing away the siphon through in the bottom of the Kama from the left to the right bank. Of Kama for 70 kilometers already produced 90 million cubic meters of gravel. The bed of the river because of this increased substantially. Depth Kama grew in some places by 5-7 meters. For this reason, banks started to collapse. Recently, entrepreneurs have decided to extract gravel on Gayvinskom field located next to the power station.

With HPS in Votkinsk Kama BWI reported drop in water level due to the uncontrolled extraction of gravel from the bottom of the Kama. STB guide apply to the Ministry of Public Security of Perm region, to consider the problems of water resources at a meeting of the regional commission for the prevention, emergency response and fire safety. However, the Ministry has denied this request.

— Soon the river will take us along with our homes — sad joke locals.

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