Kamchatka region can enter special treatment because of the increase of forest fires

Dry weather, standing in the last few days in Elizovsky Kamchatka, led to an increase in forest fires, told RIA Novosti minister of special programs and for the Cossacks Sergey Khabarov.

"Forest fires registered in Avachinsky in Nalychevo valley, near the village Radygin, that is, in areas where most people rest of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In all cases, the cause of the fire was human error," — said Khabarov.

At the foot of the volcano Avachinsky are two fire every area of seven hectares. One of them by now localized, the second — in the direction of the field Bombezhnogo — continues to grow. In the area of fire directed heavy equipment for the organization of the mineralized band.

In Nalychevo valley burning forest area of two hectares. On Thursday there will fly a helicopter with overflow device and a group of paratroopers fire on board. Another fire registered in the Ministry of Defence land near the village Radygin. Here fighting the fire are fire departments troops and forces in the north-eastern Russia.

"If the situation with forest fires in the near future does not improve, there will appear new fire, we will be forced to introduce a special fire safety in the area of the ban Elizovsky forest visits population", — said the Khabarovsk.

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