Lake Ladoga today will be a storm

Lake Ladoga today will be a stormToday, after three hours of the day in the waters of Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland is expected to increase in wind, which can lead to waves up to 2.5 meters in height.

Lake Ladoga, from 16:00-19:00, will strengthen the northern, north-east winds up to 12-16 m / s. The maximum height of waves on the lake — 2.0-2.5 m at the eastern part of the Gulf, from 15:00-18:00, will strengthen the north, north-east winds up to 12-16 m / s. Wave height may reach 1.2-1.7 m, the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Leningrad region.

And in the coastal areas of Leningrad region predicted occurrence of incidents of violation of the settlements, economic facilities and social objects in respect of injuries (broken) power lines, including as a result of falling trees.

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