Large PE: Kazan airport evacuated due to leakage of the radioactive isotope

The incident occurred today at about 18.45. According to a source in the portal Transport Police, a passenger plane with 120 people on board were transported radioactive substance. But at some point there was a loss of the isotope, which is why passengers were chetyrehgodovuyu normal radioactive radiation, the source said.

Now the airport "Kazan" completely evacuated, the site lifeguard MOE, the entrances to the airport closed. In place of work all the emergency services of the city and the country.

According to the official MOE, published on the website, in the cargo compartment of the aircraft transported three sealed metal container with the isotope "Technetium-99" for the X-ray images. Recipients of dangerous goods — 2 clinics in Kazan and one in Almetyevsk.

"As a result of increased time of delivery of dangerous goods recipients. Containers with dangerous goods are not damaged. Registered excessive radiation in the plane there. Dangers to people and the environment is not" — the official website of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RT.

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