Large wildfires in the Rostov region liquidated

Firefighters on Wednesday put out wildfires in Oblivskaya district of Rostov region, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS regional Abramchenko Marina.

Notice of grass fires and forest plantations near the village of Pine arrived at the remote duty at 17.20 on Tuesday. After some time, the area of fire increased to 50 hectares, there was a threat of local forest fires. At 22.37 the fire was localized to the area of 95 hectares of which 22 hectares — area of forest plantations.

"At 15:30, a fire completely eradicated. Area remained the same. Injured," — said the agency interlocutor.

In extinguishing the fire were employed nearly 500 people, 77 pieces of equipment, including the Mi-8 helicopter, which produced 16 releases water (a total of about 48 tons).

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