Largest marine reserve will be established near New Zealand

The world's largest marine reserve, comparable in size with an area of two Frances, plans to create in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, the Government of Cook Islands.

"It is the largest territory in the history of mankind, that one country without the help of others decided to take under protection. We will create a system where a fragile peace of the ocean", — said the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, Henry Puna (Henry Puna), as quoted by the agency Agence France-Presse.

Area of the new reserve will be more than a million square kilometers, which is five thousand times larger than themselves Cook Islands.

Restrictions on fishing and the passage of ships in sea areas in the Cook Islands can protect species such as tuna from extinction, says the head of the marine program of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Konstantin Zgurovsky.

"The purpose in this venture is, because, even if the country can not control their own means of this territory, it will still be some assurance of safety from pirate fishing from poaching. Because if a ship suddenly gets there, then this will be an international scandal. situation here is not able to control this island nation, and the world community, "- said Zgurovsky.

Cook Islands — an archipelago of the same name, and public education in free association with New Zealand. Located in the South Pacific Ocean. The structure of the state-midget has 15 islands. Their total area is about 230 square kilometers.

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