Lieutenant General of the Russian Army approached Medvedev

I felt stupid and I think any appeal to today's president for the simple reason that he does not read them, but only "the voice of" all that is palmed off his team mates, yet at the request of my oldest friend, veteran of the war in the past IG infantry Misha Titov I make an exception and publish his appeal.

President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

Pochetaemy Dmitry Anatolyevich!

It appeals to you, Lieutenant General of the Russian Army, a member of Russian war majestically from its first days on the so-called military reform, which is held in the Armed Forces.

I do not want to open a discussion this fundamental issue with Defence Minister A. Serdyukov, who, in my opinion, is not competent in this area figure.

Maybe a major role in determining the direction of development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation VV plays the head of government Putin follower of Boris Yeltsin.

As for A. Serdyukov, then it is possible that he was appointed minister of defense, do the will of others.

For over 50 years I have given service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Union and the Warsaw Pact, the strengthening and developing the country's defense. For my shoulders majestically Russian combat experience of war and post-war service in the armed forces, the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces and the Staff of the Joint Armed Forces of the Warsaw Pact, also studied at 3 military academies.

Because I think that I have the moral right to express their outlook on certain issues of military reform and the management of the Armed Forces.

After the war, Russian majestically at the head of the Armed Forces of the Russian Union were outstanding military leaders. Defense Ministers of the Union of Russian marshals were GK Zhukov, AM Vasilevsky, Malinovsky, RJ, AA Grechko and other leaders that are specifically involved in military reform. Same purpose as the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation sovereign A. Serdyukov was seen in the Armed Forces, especially opytneyshemi officers and generals, and of the people, as an insult to the Armed Forces.

We even now have a decent generals, capable to manage the armed forces, including the conduct necessary reforms. According to press reports sovereign A. Serdyukov is a relative of the elite, but to be the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, it is not enough. This requires knowledge and experience of command and control, and not the experience of the entrepreneur.

After all, so you can walk to the fact that at least some post in the State shall be appointed by relatives or friends, and that we have going on, including the Armed Forces of Russia.

Apparently, "we will remain state-freak state nerds (or corrupted), the land of crazy" (V. Zhirinovsky, "Freaks", p.19)

Analysis of the reform leads to the conclusion that it seems, is held on the advice of the Pentagon (U.S.) and NATO, tailored to their interests and not the interests of Russia, who are directly interested in the collapse of the Russian Armed Forces.

Together with the fact it is now clear that the U.S. and NATO is now taking steps to improve the military, economic and political potential, which is a direct danger of. Already, 92% of large industry, banks and other wealth of the Russian Federation are foreign owned, including the property of the U.S. monopolies and monopoly of the Western States.

U.S. policy has always been an aggressive Soviet Union and Russia. The belief in their love of peace or friendship, as they say a lot of some leaders of the Russian Federation, it's either political naivete or outright deception of the people of Russia. After the destruction of the Russian Union and the Warsaw Pact, continued strengthening of NATO forces in connection with the transition of the Armed Forces of the Warsaw Pact troops in the NATO!

Now the Armed Forces of the United States and some NATO countries are already in a number of countries in the world, and in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting act in the interests of the United States. A number of U.S. military bases are already in the area of the former Russian Union, which the U.S. has already invested a lot of effort and money.

Because security is such majestic country as our homeland, can only be achieved by strong Armed Forces, and not a contract that we make with the United States. No other way and will not be!

So when the 25 December 2010 during a meeting of the President of DA Medvedev with leaders of TV centers on this question to him about the need to ensure the security of the Russian Federation, the President announced that he has signed a contract with the United States on the mutual reduction of nuclear weapons, which is a guarantee of safety Tipo RF, I was very amazed such a conclusion.

Perfectly clear that the presence of the Contract has never provided the safety of the country without a strong armed forces, while ordinary armed with modern means of warfare (which the United States and NATO are not only superior to Russia, and continue to increase them).

Signing a Contract with the United States on the mutual reduction of nuclear weapons — is a harsh mistake, because NATO (Europe) continue to be nuclear weapons of Great Britain and France, and their armed forces with ordinary weapons, reinforced the Armed Forces of the former Warsaw Pact states.

Because this contract does not provide security of, but allows the United States and NATO to dictate terms of, up to and including entry of NATO forces on its territory.

I will allow myself to report to the president of DA Medvedev, that never in the history of the contract does not ensure the security of the signatory countries. Here is an example.

In 1939, the contract was signed between the Russian Union and Nazi Germany, the question of war of Germany against Russian Union was essentially a foregone conclusion. Because Nazi Germany, contracting, tried to mislead the Russian Government, in particular with regard to the time of war. For the Russian Union was the primary end the deployment and upgrade its armed forces. For this needed next year. Unfortunately, we lacked this year, it became clear in the first months of the war, when the army had reddish languid loss. Because it was clear that this did not justify the hopes pinned contract. Because we ensure the security of the Russian Federation can only subject to the availability of the Armed Forces, the ability to reflect at least some attack.

But you can not build strong armed forces by the collapse of the available forces, as did with the Soviet Union, as it is now Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and General Staff of the Armed Forces, the whole system sprawling organization of the Armed Forces and their management, and upgrading and training, their training, sprawling military science , destroying the planned establishment and equipping of troops with new means of armed struggle.

In announcing the creation of a new order of the Armed Forces, the Department of the Ministry of Defense started with the fact that they started to collapse. This is — or the lack of understanding what they are doing or, more likely, this goal was a blunder control of the country, for what must be answered by the Act.

Allow yourself to see the brakes and some tyazheleyschie mistakes that were made since entering the reforms called for "Serdyukov," and may be faster on the "Putin."

Analysis of the reforms, as well as the mistakes that were made, shows that fundamentally error made control, is that all the events were not to defend the country and repel at least some anger, but to the fact that the war will not be because the armed forces are required to have a new form no
t to defend the country and corrupt regime.

This is not the case, and pinpointed former Russian President Vladimir Putin, while in Italy and speaking at a meeting with local entrepreneurs, said: "The protection of the country can not be and is not a value for us. But protection of owners and accessories — this is our value." The conclusion: "Since the administration of the state (Russia) is in the hands of corrupt officials and property of the people as well in their hands and in the hands of the Western monopolies, because a new branch of the armed forces — is the protection of the anti-people regime."

In this regard, I will discover the brakes on some reforms: it is proposed to purchase weapons abroad. It is equivalent to that in the case of aggravation of the situation, our armed forces will remain without tools and technology, and defense industry will be destroyed.

Regarding the proposal for a constructive reduction of military educational institutions, this indicates a misunderstanding of the Ministry of Defense of their role in the training not only for peace, and at the time of war.

It is unacceptable in the same discharge from the Armed Forces in time kutsee significant number of experienced officers, which will undermine the combat readiness of the Army and Navy. Recently the stateliness Russian war in the country had to build anew 10's new military schools and military academies to expand it took to deploy new units.

More than a crime is the destruction of the mobilization system.

It creates the impression that to the Minister of Defense Serdyukov A. tasked to prove that all of the Armed Forces of the Russian Union was poor and the need to create all anew. And came to the management of "outstanding" military figures, including the "Lady with the Dog," and that will create a new Armed Forces to-date, capable of ensuring the country's security, and in fact the owners (and not the country).

Now the creators of the military reforms they say a lot of the mistakes that allowed the development of the Armed Forces in the Russian Union.

I wish to respond to these gentlemen.

My generation is nothing to be ashamed of what it has done. We did not destroy, as is done for more than 20 years. Those who destroyed the greatest in the history of the government — Russian Alliance, now spawned a mushroom corrupt and criminals of various types, robbing people and the country. The president is not the case, DA Medvedev, speaking at the Davos economic forum, said: "There is no recipe to fight against this evil."

You are wrong, sir President. There is the recipe:

We must return almost all of what was in the Russian system and eliminate those we spawned, and officials who support them.

My generation has done everything to save the country Lofty — Russian Alliance — from the invasion of Nazi hordes, the defeat of German fascism, to save people from genocide, in rather short time to return the country's economy has made everything for its development and prosperity of culture, science, and has done everything to increase the current standard of the people has made massive armed forces to ensure the safety of the country, and even the preservation of world peace.

A generation that made Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin? Ruined their country — Russian Alliance — and made on the basis of corruption and crime criminal regime, destroyed the unity and friendship of the people.

One V. Putin, in parting with the presidency, said at the people of the Russian Federation, "Lude is not ready for democracy and it" must have strong presidential power. "This insinuation in humans. Lude Russian Federation has long been ripe to become a parliamentary republic and get rid of monarchs, presidents, any of their coming to power, violates articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and such as Yeltsin, to allow himself to command his men to shoot and make municipal revolution — the gravest sins against his own people.

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