Lithuanians against Myanmar kalkavannya their flag

In Vilnius, was surprised to notice that the flag, which was adopted by the public authorities of Myanmar (formerly Burma), almost identical to the national flag of Lithuania. Both flags have horizontal stripes of yellow, green and red colors.

Only on myanmavskim flag in the center there is a white five-pointed star.

"As a joke, we can say that the appearance of the flag implements the views of some leaders of Lithuanian interwar period to have a colony on Madagascar — now we will have a" brotherly power "is not so far away, closer than Australia" — joked about it in an interview with "Lithuanian Courier "Head of the Department of Comparative Law at the University of Mykolas name Romerysa Justinas Zilinskas.

According to the newspaper, flags with yellow, green and red stripes — are not uncommon, especially a lot of them in Africa. Moreover, Lithuanian flag colors much more vivid than the flag of Myanmar.

"Selecting the flag — internal affair of state. International Law this issue does not regulate. I doubt that creating a flag in Myanmar were thinking of Lithuania ", — assessment of the situation Lawyer Justinas Zilinskas.

The regime in Myanmar flag was replaced last Thursday, just weeks before the first elections in twenty years. The country has also changed the national anthem and the full name of the state, which is now called the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

From 1962 to this country ruled by a military regime, the country suffers from corruption, poverty and human rights violations.

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