Lives lost on Pinskdrev estimated 10 million rubles

Today in Pinsk buried three killed in the explosion and fire at "Pinskdrev." Organization and payment of mourning took over the trade union committee of the enterprise.

Administration of the plant will help the victims of the fire at "Pinskdrev" material compensation. Families of the victims will receive 10 million rubles, the victims — three million rubles. According to which the regulations determined by the amount of compensation, says the first deputy of the Department of State Labour Inspection Ministry of Labour Alexander Semich:

"The presidential decree, which determines the order of compulsory insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. This type of insurance is mandatory, so that it automatically is."

So, all the victims were insured Belgosstrakh confirmed the head of the department of Pinsk Elena Patsovskaya. With regard to the amount and duration of payments, she explained:

"There shall in the event of death within two days after the submission of all required documents. Payments are made within 10 days. Called even today there is no amount of opportunities. This all depends on the average salary in the 12 months before the accident. Because without seeing the documents, certificates , said of the amount can not be. But now it is the collection of documents, and the other day will be known to all. "

Thus, to date, the victims' families received 10 million — a little more than three thousand dollars. For comparison, in neighboring Russia to the families of miners and rescuers who died in the mine "Raspadkay" in the Kemerovo region, paid compensation of 1 million rubles from the owners of the mine, and 1 million from the Russian government and more financial aid from the regional budget. Compensation for families of the victims at the Nizhny Tagil mine "Yastsyuninskaya" were also about 2 million. That is, in Russian lives were estimated at 70,000 dollars. In Ukraine, a family killed in a bus accident in Dnipropetrovsk region received 100,000 hryvnia (12,500 dollars).

Former Secretary of Labor Alexander Sasnou expressed the opinion that the amount of compensation to the victims of the production:

"In a civilized level, it must have insurance. Should insure people for certain large sums that are publicly should determine, for example, the parliament. Well, since we have it assigns only one famous person, so it is unclear where they get those numbers, and that claim them. "

Now the scene works Emergency Commission Pinsk City Executive Committee, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Prosecutor's Office investigation team of the Brest region. A criminal case under Part 2 st.302 Criminal Code (violation of safety regulations on hazardous enterprise). As for the exact reason of the tragedy, a spokesman for the Ministry of Emergency Vitaly Novitsky said:

"There, on the spot, floor slabs are in poor condition. They must first be dismantled. Only thereafter work experts confirm this version, consider other, and draw conclusions. How long would it take until I can not tell you. "

By the way, neither the president nor the members of the government have not visited the site of the tragedy.

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