Love fills the sea off the Canary Islands

Near the island of Hierro underwater volcano erupts. This first case of magmatic activity in Spain since 1971

Spanish authorities closed the airspace in the Canary island of Hierro due to the eruption of an underwater volcano of the same name. Sea travel is prohibited, the newspaper La Vanguardia.

According to scientists, the eruption began on October 10, becoming the first in Spain since 1971. Volcano is 2,400 meters from the shore at a depth of about 150 meters. Crater is located at a depth of 900 meters. After confirmation of the received data on the occurrence of volcanic island of Hierro residents (about 10,000 people) were evacuated. The first inhabitants of the town left Restinga, which is located in the south of the island, 5 km from the volcano. Near the end of the week, when the eruption subsided, residents were allowed to return to the island to pick up the remaining items.

Over the weekend, the eruption intensified. Scientists detect emissions of magma and ash appearance in sea water, which is dangerous for the engines. Today the Minister for Emergency Situations of the Canary Islands Juan Santana announced to raise the threat level Hierro volcano to a peak.

Scientists have recorded a huge stain in the sea green color, the first signs of which appeared on October 12. Scale comparable to the spot area of the island. In spot accumulated volcanic emissions, mainly — sulfur compounds that are hazardous to wildlife. By tracking the movement of the spot satellites Aqua and Terra U.S. space agency NASA, scientists have found that toxic substances have already reached the coast of the Canary Islands, moved to the south-east and head north to enable them soon to get into the ocean waters.

Over the last year the activity in the Earth's crust Iberian peninsula increased sharply. In May, there was an earthquake in the province of Murcia (magnitude 4.4 and 5.1). Ten people were killed. For comparison, the last strong earthquake was recorded in Spain in 1956.

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