Lukashenka has not raspisvavsya to the global competition

Mr."Sannikov Nekljaev, Michalevic, Kastusyou and picketers Romanchuk was not. I do not like the power of Lukashenko. "

Reporter"The chances they have to win Lukashenko or not?"

Mr."At the moment — no. We have real elections are rigged. "

Mrs."For Neklyaeva. As for the writer. I am a teacher of the Belarusian language and literature. Creativity Neklyaeva always admire. I trust he is as a person. "

Mr."No.. I do not know the candidates. I have not heard about their work not only as a candidate, but as politicians. "

Mrs."So, raspisvalasya. For Michalevic. Young, good anti-crisis program. Let the young try their strength. "

Mrs."For Sannikov. He is an intelligent man. Highbrow. Knows the three foreign language. I believe that the president, he would have been good. Worthy. "

Mrs."Do not raspisvalisya not put. No candidate for whom I would like to put a signature. We're not going to vote. "

Mr."Nekljaev I somehow like it. There is a new wave. There is something fresh. "Tell the truth" of some sort. Well, for someone else? Lukashenko? Well, Lukashenko — it Lukashenko. From it's enough. The opposition? Well, what's the opposition? Between a fuss. "

Mr."Not for anyone. We have a president who does not let anyone else. The show no desire to participate. "

Mr."For Lukashenko. Stability. Retain all businesses. All of our work. We unemployment do not exist, as in the neighboring countries. "

Mr."So, signed up for. Just do not remember whom. At work raspisvavsya. There are people running around simple — you know. "

Reporter"Raspisvalisya not for Lukashenko?"


Reporter"Why not for Lukashenko?"

Mr."To us, as other people have been presidents of the competition."

Mr. elderly"Do not, do not raspisvavsya, because, as a rule, we all cheat. He went up to one, but they had no information about that person. This image of me is also a bit tired. Want something new. The new man-that is needed. Some academician, Doctor of Law, a good handyman. "


Elections 2010

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