Lukashenko: I do not know what love life

"I have no family. There are children. And the state "- the newspaper headline," Lithuanian Courier "published an exclusive interview with the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

About the chances of the other applicants

"I these people good to know. If they can not collect signatures which they may have a chance? I recently had to go to the people and ask: "Sign up for them." Let them take part in the presidential campaign. For, say that Lukashenko let the collection of signatures. I'm ready for them to collect signatures. Do you understand? Here's their chance, and my chances. But I'm not exaggerating my merit and their role in it. "

On the personal life

"I find it difficult to talk about his personal life, because people do not really believe … They think that the president — these are the kings, for which everything is available. In part, this is because …

But I am sure that every president is immersed in the problem and turns, as in the maelstrom.

For example, the President of Belarus, as well as president of Russia, not for someone else to lay out their duties, for example, during holiday … Therefore, the rest with the President as such can not be.

I can honestly say, I do not know what a "private life". I live in a residence with her baby. As president I have not over the top, but guarded.

Do not understand what a personal life. In kindergarten today I'm going to take the baby. This is probably personal life? But this moment. I will be traveling out of town residence, solve all the problems that are scheduled to be look into the nursery, which is located 200 meters from the house, take away the baby. Today, there is no training. It's not even an event — training.

For fifteen years, so I have probably zakarchanev I do not understand what a personal life. In my opinion, I have all closed in the workplace. I have no friends — for the president is, probably, and it is unacceptable, because friends are starting to behave differently.

I fear at bay close to his people, so that they become your friends. It has always come out sideways. Then he begins to speculate that, he starts something to bargain for themselves.

On the fourth term

"They say," Here, Lukashenko a fourth term … ". Please, I can not choose. But I could not be a candidate for one simple reason. Just imagine that I am not putting forward the candidacy of people counting on me, and someone comes to power, and everything went to pieces. The government has included some of the privatized something or not, businesses were closed — in short, the country has collapsed. What will the people say? And you, Lukashenko, why hesitate? Why did you run away? So I suggest to people that I can still do it. "

About fat and potatoes

Salo since my childhood I did not eat, and if it is now fat, then quite a bit … Refrain from excessive use of potatoes.

On very bad day in the life

"According to the documents, August 30 — I birthday. In fact I was born on the 31st. And my baby was born on the 31st. We even born at the same time in the morning. Birthdays I do not celebrate. This is for me the most lousy day in the life, because, unfortunately, in this day You ROBIS a year older. Our family was not accepted and it's not usually celebrate it. Everyone knows it, and I never congratulate …

Our family was not accepted and it's not usually celebrate it. Everyone knows it, and I never greet.

Well, let it be on the 30th. Made himself over for a day. And really in one day, one hour after 50 years this baby was born, just as I am. This is not a PR campaign. What am I, the only president who has children? But ask you, who have children, you do not say. And I know. And their views. They do not want to give their children no publicity from the wife of the other wives, even from someone. I once shared with Putin his thoughts about the baby, and he said to me, "Alexander G., children of the same God." Children of God. What's so shy? This is first. Second, five years ago it was connected with the presidential campaign. No one knew my baby. He was one year old then. And one prominent politician — you can get it from the archive and see — began to reproach me that I have somewhere on the side of a son. He is on no side was not. He always lived in my house, he was always by my side. More to the mother, because I'm not able to take care of him when he was only a year old. And there were rumors that the president has a child from someone, etc. And then I have a conversation with Putin took place. And I swore to myself that in no case should not hide this child — it really is a gift from God. He was born, as it were — is a private matter. As it happened, the child was born. He has a mother, he has a father. Why should I hide it? Moreover, I have a feeling the mother's children …

"I love children"

"I love children. I always gave all his children. And not just his own. I have this attitude even after the kid and now to the children of Belarus. I do not want them to be orphans. If a father or mother throw the child, they deserve a place only in the prison. But we are all forced to work and make up for …

I began to reproach, that I supposedly someone hiding somewhere. Why do I need someone to show a child one year old? And then more. When I'm not at home, he neither ate nor drank. Matured, dad — and everything is going after him. I'm not too depressed, because next to me always people around me busy. And even more so now. If it's in a church or spiritual meeting with the Pope. Here Kohl met with the Pope. You can not imagine what he's been the protagonist, not me. The Italians are so fond of children. They were surprised. I recently met with the assistant of the Pope, he is, above all, the child began to speak. Dad told him to ask how Nick, as he lives. Yes, he was part of the policy, this is his destiny, because he was born to a father's presidency.

But there's one thing I always emphasize. I thus show all parents that you should at least treat their children the way I feel about her. "

On his salary

"Yes, I have money. My salary, almost all in the desk drawer. I opened an account recently, I confess, the account to which you can put the money to come of age. Seniors already own work, must make themselves. And as the fate of this baby, I do not know. I'm still alive, I'll do anything for him. And if something happens to me? So I opened this account, and there are several millions of rubles on our account. But it is haphazard. Part of the money — in desk. Children come elder and the younger had already noticed: "Oh, Dad, well, why are you the money, we'll buy my mother, grandmother, something else …" Of course, why would I the money, I state now dress and feed, so they taken away. And this kid sees that they're taking, "Dad, you got paid? — Received. — I protect you — you have to pay me. " Here are two or three pieces of paper bears into his bedroom, put in your wallet. Then he goes to kindergarten, kindergarten and near a shop. By day, he does not sleep and asks manager: "Let's go to court." He walks into a store (he had got this money that I have it picked up and put together), and said: "Let's get something dad will buy." And bring me, for example, shaving foam. I say, "I am, my son, do not shave foam." — "I brought — shave" … But to say that I have millions and even billions — believe me, that's a lie. If it were, you would it co
uld not hide … You would have passed with giblets. Or if your children have had that kind of money. "

About family life and his wife enemy

I've always admitted that I'm not a model of family life. So my life has developed. Just one hides, and the other does not. Presents itself as a great family man, there was one politician who, when his wife died, kneeling and crying. I say fine, let him take his wife and goes to Germany to be treated. He refused. I knew that this time He lived on the other. What did she have not his wife, but he played it in the political game, made a spectacle. All sympathy. Why sympathize? And I had the wife of his bitter enemy treated in hospital. A wife is to blame? How could we have saved. Cancer is incurable. And his fault. He positioned himself as a good family man. I — bad. But no one will reproach me in my relationship to the children. And it's sacred.

I have no family, I have kids that everything — from small to large — serve the state. This is my country. I — it's first president, and I want to raise the bar for the presidency are heaven to her then no one dropped. Come after Lukashenko and will compare subsequent rulers and the measure of the first president.


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