Lukashenko says he does not restrict Internet

In Belarus, there is no restriction on the free internet access, Lukashenko said on October 26.

"When we started the Internet now, they saw their opportunity. And today I am criticized for a decree on the Internet is not because that was a dictatorship, but because we have the money, millions of dollars take away from those who once enjoyed our position in the geographical including, and our opportunities, pockets stuffed "- said Lukashenko.

Decree № 60 "On Measures to Improve the Use of the National Segment of the Internet", signed February 1, 2010, entered into force on July 1.

Act requires state agencies and public bodies to publish information about their activities on the official sites.

Also on July 1, all of the sites belonging to legal persons be registered in the official register — State Inspection Telecommunication (BelGIE).

The decree also regulates the mechanism for restricting access to information at the user's Internet service provider, reminds BelTA.



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