Many UFO researchers mysteriously dying

September 20, 2012 9:12

In the 1970-1980-s most researchers are seeking alien worlds, tragically died in mysterious circumstances

April 3, 2011 in Amsterdam held a major scientific conference, which was attended by representatives of 15 countries, amateur astronomers, researchers unexplained phenomena, archaeologists and even world-renowned astrophysicist, long time working to find representatives of alien worlds.

One of the speakers at this international conference was Timothy Hood — amateur astronomer, former counselor of the U.S. government.

At the end of his report, he made a sensational statement that literally threw all gathered in shock. After 30 years of study, research papers and essays written by researchers of anomalous aerospace phenomena, it opened just a frightening thing. In the 1970-1980-s most researchers are seeking alien worlds in the universe, was tragically killed in mysterious circumstances.

For example, the world famous American astronomer Morris Jessup, who has written several best-selling books about intelligent life beyond our Earth, suddenly committed suicide. Summed up in the cabin of the car from the exhaust pipe, locked it and turned on the ignition. Other well-known professor, James Edward McDonald, who for many years headed the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Earth and studied unidentified aerospace objects, shot while walking.

Sudden death overtook and Edward Ruppelta — project manager for the study of unidentified objects in the skies over the United States. At age 37, he suffered a cardiac crisis. The list, according to Timothy Good, goes on and on.

Maybe it's just a normal match and these cases are not related to each other? Timothy Hood sure that it is not. He believes that all of these scientists to "remove" special services, because they were working on a secret project for the study of UFOs.

"Blue Book", "Aquarius", "Area 51", "Majestic-12», GEIPAN («Zheypan") — all names secret programs for the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena, working at different times in different parts of our Earth.

According to official figures, almost all of these programs have been discontinued. But many researchers argue that this is not the case. Most of the secret programs are still working.

If this is true, there is a lot of questions: what is there studying why studies have never made public, as the officers of these programs so hard to keep silent?

Sheldon list

Striking fact that scientists are developing a special space project to prevent an alien invasion of Earth, the unexpected departure of life under very unusual circumstances.
… It all started in October 1986. In Bristol, a well-dressed man made a loop of rope and wrapped it around his neck and the other end is firmly tied to the tree. After that, he got in his car and gave a sharp gas. The death was instant. According to documents found in the victim managed to establish his identity: it was Professor Arshad Sharif. The press talks about suicide. Then the few who drew attention to the fact that the professor, who lived in London, for some reason, chose the site for the suicide of 100 km from the house.

A few days later another professor from London, Vimal Dazibay, just went to Bristol, there to jump off a bridge. An interesting fact is that the two professors involved in the development of electronic weapons destined for the government program in England. Also troubling is another coincidence: both scientists interested UFO …
Sidney Sheldon, a popular American writer, decided to conduct an independent investigation, from which it became clear that the mystery of what happened is not limited to the two suicide Sharif and Dazibaya. British experts working on the problem of UFOs and the star arms, suffered the same note:

… January 1987. Avtar Singh-Guide has mysteriously disappeared, he was declared dead.
… February 1987. Peter Pippel was found in his garage, crushed by the machine.
… March 1987. David Sands died, crashing at high speed into the building cafe.
… April 1987. Mark Wiesner was found hanged.
… April 1987. Stuart Gooding — killed.
… April 1987. David Greenhalgh jumped from the bridge.
… April 1987. Shani Warren — drowned.
… May 1987. Michael Baker was killed in a car accident.

Sheldon Investigations revealed that after the mysterious deaths of Sharif and Dazibaya short period killed another 23 people who are colleagues professors. But what if it's not a coincidence?
There is a hypothesis at first glance quite incredible: aggression alien intelligence that seeks to subjugate humanity. Sounds like a fantasy, but do not make quick conclusions.
From the archives of the association "phenomenon":
— 1889. Laboratory at Colorado Nikola Tesla was first officially recorded obtained from space unexplained signals.
— 1921. Mysterious signals were taken Gilelmo Marconi.
— 1928. In the scientific literature reported strange "echoes" from an unknown object located outside the Earth's ionosphere.
— 1959. NASA were recorded signals unidentified satellite.
— 1961. In the course of the project Ozma, who was looking for artificial radio signals in space, the group of Dr. Frank Drake bugged sector Star
Tau Ceti. Coded pulses were recorded, which, after the application for the Pentagon to provide military secret radio.
But the statement did not stop the Pentagon scientists. This was followed by the program Ozma Ozma-2-3. And in the course of each project there were inexplicable "something." This caused a lot of inconclusive debate on the topic: artificial whether "this" or natural.

In addition, the archives of the researchers of anomalous phenomena are also full of curious evidence on this subject. For example, in 1929, the signals of extraterrestrial intelligence were caught not radio telescopes and conventional radio in the wake of 75 meters. For quite a long time voice, introduced himself as Nick, in different languages, addressing the inhabitants of the earth, it was pushing the Coalition troop observers (KOH). Nick said about the danger of gravitational cyclone that drifts around our galaxy clusters. This cyclone may lead to the extinction of life on all planets, so Nick expressed call people on Earth to join the coalition, which could help prepare for this dangerous phenomenon.
If you see it as someone else's joke, did this could only very educated man, as the report contained information that you may know only a small number of specialists.
Something similar happened in England November 27, 1977. In the territory, south-west of London, an area of 120 square meters. km suddenly disappeared broadcast, instead of which live on a strange voice who introduced himself as a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, expressed the need for mankind to destroy the instrument of evil and that we are on the wrong path, and the time is short …

The police promised to find this joker, but the search was not married success. A British television professionals who have been involved in the investigation, were at a loss on how to have a joker, because this kind of broadcasting was required, as a minimum, equipment doroguschego vast proportions.
There's no denying that this is — a skillful hoax. But, if we assume that the aliens after all warnings and persuasion decided to take action … if we assume that someone was able to learn about their intention to fly to Earth. If even a guess …

We decided to simulate this situation to see how we are protected. One expert association "phenomenon" called the police. He, not having to finish the sentence "Tomorrow aliens begin …", the answer was frank laughter at his words. Referring to the State Committee for Emergency Situations, in response to the unconcealed irony was asked to provide all in writing. After that we did not even dare to go to the security bodies, since it is obvious that there have been waiting for such a reaction. It turns out that humanity is defenseless against attack strangers because none of this is dismissive.
Psychologist on anomalous phenomena, D.Azarov, sadly have to admit that fact, "people do think that, even if the aliens arrive, make sure in good faith. Even though our past has to be an example of the exact opposite: the Spaniards, once landed in the Americas, with the good intention of introducing civilization has caused a lot of harm to the wild peoples, and resorting to the sword and fire. Moreover, the invaders did not bother them a numerical minority against the whole nation …

As people calm stories that our missiles oppose any alien onslaught. A script of the whole process with a mandatory "happy ending" was developed a long time ago. But this, at least, is primitive. If desired to conquer Earth extraterrestrial intelligence will proceed cautiously and secretly. I have, one might say, a comic hypothesis that aliens have already begun the conquest of Earth.

Consider the facts: a long time ago, scientists Stormer and Van der Pol recorded strange echoes of the signals sent to the sky, as if they were at varying intervals reflected off of a body on the Earth. R.Breysuell, an expert on "extraterrestrial", dared to suggest that this is due to an alien probe that secretly revolves around the Earth. This assumption has not been refuted or confirmed in subsequent studies. But imagine for a moment that this is so. What could be further action, alien invaders? Several newcomers secretly landed on Earth and make a secret base. Under the human form, they are naturally embedded in our civilization, occupy ruling positions to further subjugate the development of civilization. So first of all prohibited in the press to publish any information about UFOs, but that nevertheless somehow become well-known, openly ridiculed. The Academy of Sciences of specially organized groups that are to earthly reasons and explanations to all the wonders regarding UFOs. In addition to hinder the development of programs similar to "Star Wars" all sorts of restrictions. And by outstanding experts and scholars in this field need to get rid of (23 people from the list of Sheldon) … But look at what is happening today: the press has been a lot of articles about UFOs, but the majority of people, as if under hypnosis, are resistant to the calls and take it all as an incredible fantasy.

Meanwhile, humanity is changing, more and more people come to the phenomenal ability to "hear", "see" and communicate with otherworldly realms. Scientists have tied this fact to reduce the Earth's magnetic field. Able to confirm this hypothesis Academician Treasurers with hypomagnetic cameras, people, isolated in them, begin to show unusual telepathic abilities. But here comes another question — whether natural is changing Earth's magnetic field? Personally, I have many doubts on this score, because lately there are quite a few events, do not submit an explanation. For example, how to explain the existence of the "zone of madness", which covers a wide ring the entire Earth, passing through the following countries: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, then Yugoslavia, Moldova, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Tajikistan, Chechnya … Each are characterized by conflicting political situation. Even in America, in places where is this "belt" (Los Angeles), violence broke out and aggression.

How to explain it all? Which is why all of the most "hot spots" is clearly stacked in one ring? It's like flying a probe in orbit and thus sow aggression, hostility and natural disasters. Even more puzzling is that our military, perfectly prepared for any kind of large-scale hazards, absolutely refuse to even consider alien aggression. Just to rhetorical questions are: why the present moment is not a state or a general mechanism for rapid response to the message of the arrival of the alien invaders? ".

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